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Chapter 4: Landforms (28 videos)   (Practice Test)
4.1: Oral Communication: Buying Shoes
  1. Shopping-Conversation in the Market (picture/reading/explanation)
4.2: Reading: Landforms
  1. Comprehension: Landforms Part 1
  2. Comprehension: Landforms Part 2
4.3: Writing: Speech Bubbles  (Practice Test)
  1. Contractions (it is/it's, I am/I'm etc)(explanation/activities)
  2. Apostrophes with Contractions(Rule 13)
  3. At the Zoo-Passage (reading /explanation/activities)
  4. More on At the Zoo-Passage
  5. Proverb and Story Part 2
4.4: Grammar: Contractions, Adjectives  (Practice Test)
  1. Vocabulary (words/meanings/sentences) Part 4
  2. Vocabulary (words/meanings/sentences) Part 5
  3. Adjectives (Describing Words-hot/cold, big/small)
  4. Describing Words(define/explanation/activties)
  5. Describing Pictures (Use of action and describing words)
  6. More on Describing Pictures
  7. Use Adjectives in Sentences (think/discuss/write)
  8. More on Use Adjectives in Sentences
  9. Degrees of Comparison (explanation with examples)
  10. Exercise-Degrees of comparison
4.5: Study Skills: Vocabulary Game
  1. Colours-Rhyme (reading /explanation/rhyming words)
  2. A Village-Passage (reading /explanation/activities)
  3. Picnic-Passage (reading /explanation/activities)
  4. Arrange Words in Alphabetical Order (by 1st letter/activities)
  5. Rearrange Words to make a Sentence(explanation/activities)
  6. More on Rearrange Words to make a Sentence
4.6: Fun: Riddles
  1. Four Riddles (guess the animal)
  2. Answer the Riddles about Shapes (read/guess)
  3. Let Us Talk (Riddles) (Read and Guess)
  4. Riddles about Animals(reading /explanation/guess)