Problem 1: Transitive Property of Inequality

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Board > Class 10 > General Math > Section 4.3: Linear Inequalities

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Wakeel Ahmad
Sep 2017
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Wakeel Ahmad says...

this website is so good and helpful for the students to attend lectures in home online and there should be more websites like this for the students of pakistan it is helpful for those students who are unable to go coaching centers or if they doesnt understand the lectures in the school or somewhere other places they can open this website and i appreciate those people who makes these kind of websites for the students and the good thing of these videos is that they are using easy words in their lectures so the children can understand it this website is also good for those students who missed their lectures in the school or coaching center , it is good for those students who are sick and unable to go school they can easily lay on their home bed and watch these videos . i love this website

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