Geometrical Optics

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Chapter 12: Geometrical Optics (68 videos)   (Practice Test)
12.1: Reflection of Light
  1. Regular and Irregular Reflection of Light
  2. Problem 1-Reflection of light by spherical mirrors
12.2: Spherical Mirrors  (Practice Test)
  1. Concave and Convex Mirror
  2. Problem 1-Concave Mirrors
  3. Problem 2-Convex Mirrors
  4. Mirror Terminologies
  5. Problem-Mirror Terminologies
  6. Images Formed by Plane Mirror
  7. Problem 1-Images Formed by Plane Mirror
12.3: Image Location by Spherical Mirror Formula  (Practice Test)
  1. Images by Spherical Mirrors
  2. Problem 1-Images by Spherical Mirrors
  3. Problem 1-Uses of Spherical Mirrors
  4. Spherical Mirror Formula
  5. More on Spherical Mirror Formula
  6. Problem 1-Spherical Mirror Formula
  7. Problem 1-Convex Mirror Formula
  8. Sign Convention Linear Magnification
  9. Problem 1-Sign Convention & Linear Magnification
12.4: Refraction of Light  (Practice Test)
  1. Refraction of Light
  2. Laws of Refraction
  3. Problem 1-Laws of Refraction
  4. Refraction of Light in Water
  5. Speed of Light in Medium
  6. Problem 1-Speed of Light in Medium
  7. Introducing Refractive Index
  8. Problem 1-Introducing Refractive Index
  9. Apparent and Real Depth
  10. Problem 1-Apparent and Real Depth
12.5: Total Internal Reflection
  1. Total Internal Reflection
  2. Problem 1-Total Internal Reflection
12.6: Applications of Total Internal Reflection
  1. Totally Reflecting Prism
  2. Optical Fiber
12.7: Refraction Through Prism  (Practice Test)
  1. Refraction of Light Through Prism
  2. Relationship b/w Refractive Index and Critical Angle
  3. Problem 1-Relationship b/w Refractive Index and Critical Angle
12.8: Lenses  (Practice Test)
  1. Types of Lenses
  2. Convergence and Divergence of Lenses
  3. Lens Terminologies
  4. Image Formed by Convex Lens
  5. Problem 1-Image Formed by Convex Lens
  6. Image Formation by Concave Lens
  7. Problem 1-Image Formed by Concave Lens
  8. Power of a Lens
  9. Problem 1-Power of a Lens
12.9: Image Formation By Lenses  (Practice Test)
  1. Image Formed by Convex Lens
  2. Problem 1-Image Formed by Convex Lens
  3. Image Formation by Concave Lens
  4. Problem 1-Image Formed by Concave Lens
  5. Image Formation in Convex Lenses
12.10: Image Location by Lens Equation  (Practice Test)
  1. Image Location by Lens Formula
  2. Problem 1-Image Location by Lens Formula
  3. Linear Magnification of Lenses
  4. Problem 1-Linear Magnification of Lenses
  5. Sign Conventions for Lenses
12.11: Applications of Lenses  (Practice Test)
  1. Introducing Camera
  2. Slide Projector
  3. Photograph Enlarger
  4. Totally Reflecting Prism
  5. Optical Fiber
12.12: Simple Microscope  (Practice Test)
  1. Simple Microscope
  2. More on Simple Microscope
  3. Resolving Power and Resolving Limit
12.13: Compound Microscope  (Practice Test)
  1. Introduction to Compound Microscope
  2. More on Compound Microscope
12.14: Telescope
  1. Astronomical Telescope
12.15: The Human Eye
  1. Human Eye
12.16: Defects of Vision
  1. Shortsightedness
  2. Farsightedness