Vintery, Mintery, Cuery, Corn-Poem

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Chapter 13: Vintery, Mintery, Cuery, Corn-Poem (7 videos)
13.1: Vintery,Mintery,Cuery, Corn-Poem (reading /explanation/activities)
  1. Vintery,Mintery,Cuery, Corn-Poem (reading /explanation/activities)
13.2: Rhyming Words (join pictures/match columns)
  1. Rhyming Words (join pictures/match columns)
13.3: Words Ending with ight/igh (read/write)
  1. Words Ending with ight/igh (read/write)
13.4: Learning Left & Right (explanation/activities)
  1. Learning Left & Right (explanation/activities)
13.5: Separate Persons,Places,Fruits,Vegetables&Animals (read/write)
  1. Separate Person,Place,Fruit,Vegetable&Animal (read/write)
13.6: Use of Comma (read/write)
  1. Use of Comma (read/write)
13.7: Use clues to write a Paragraph (think/write)
  1. Use clues to write a Paragraph (think/write)