Reaction Kinetics (Physical Chemistry)

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Chapter 9: Reaction Kinetics (Physical Chemistry) (13 videos)   (Practice Test)
9.1: Rate of Reaction
  1. Rate of Chemical Change
  2. Activation Energy
9.2: Activation energy
  1. More on Activation Energy
9.3: Order of Reaction  (Practice Test)
  1. Order of Reaction
  2. The First Order Rate Equation
9.4: Half life period
  1. Half Life Period
9.5: Rate determining steps
  1. Rate Determining Step
9.6: Catalysts  (Practice Test)
  1. Catalysts
  2. Types of Catalysis, Homogeneous and Hetergeneous Catalysis
9.7: The effect of concentration changes on the rate of a reaction  (Practice Test)
  1. Effect of Concentration on Speed of Reaction
  2. More on Effect of Concentration on Speed of Reaction
9.8: Effect of catalyst on rate of reaction
  1. Catalysts
9.9: Enzyme as biological catalysts (proteins)
  1. Enzymes