Alcohols and Phenols (Organic Chemistry)

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Chapter 17: Alcohols and Phenols (Organic Chemistry) (8 videos)   (Practice Test)
17.1: Primary, secondary and tertiary alcohols
  1. Classification of Alcohols
17.2: Preparation of ethanol by fermentation process  (Practice Test)
  1. Industrial Preparation of Ethanol
17.3: Reaction of alcohols  (Practice Test)
  1. Reactions of Alcohols in which C-O Bond is Broken
  2. Reactions of Alcohols in which O-H Bond is Broken
  3. More on Oxidation of Alcohols
  4. Dehydration of Alcohols
17.4: Reactions of phenol  (Practice Test)
  1. Halogenation & Hydrogenation of Phenol
  2. Nitration of Phenol