Chemical Equilibrium

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Chapter 8: Chemical Equilibrium (66 videos)   (Practice Test)
8.1: Reversible and Irreversible Reactions  (Practice Test)
  1. Introduction to Thermochemistry
  2. Static Chemical Equilibrium
  3. Dynamic Chemical Equilibrium
  4. Conditions and Recognition of Chemical Equilibrium
  5. Concept of Law of mass action
  6. Derivation of Law of Mass Action
  7. More on derivation of law of mass action
  8. Application of Law of Mass Action
  9. Equilibrium Constant Kc and its Units
  10. More on Units of Equilibrium Constant
  11. Equilibrium Constant Expressions for Esterification
  12. Equilibrium Constant Expressions for Dissociation of PCl5
  13. Equilibrium Constant Expressions for Decomposition of N2O4
  14. Equilibrium Constant Expressions for Synthesis of NH3
  15. Relationship Between Equilibrium Constants
  16. Applications of Equilibrium Constants; Direction of Reaction
  17. Relationship Between Kp and Kx
  18. Relationship Between Kp and Kn
  19. Relationship Between Kc, Kp, Kx and Kn
  20. Extent of Reaction
  21. The Effect of Conditions on the Position of Equilibrium
  22. Le-Chatelier's Principle; Effect of Change in Concentration
  23. Effect of Change in Pressure or Volume
  24. Quantitative Effect of Volume on Equilibrium Position
  25. Effect of Change in Temperature
  26. Effect of Catalyst on Equilibrium Constant
  27. Calculating the Equilibrium Constant for Reversible Reaction
  28. Calculate the Equilibrium Concentration
8.2: Applications of Chemical Equilibrium in Industry  (Practice Test)
  1. The Haber's Process
  2. More on Haber process
  3. Preparation of Sulphur Trioxide
8.3: Ionic Product of Water  (Practice Test)
  1. Dissociation of Water
  2. The Ion Product of Water
  3. More on Ion Product of Water
  4. Concept of pH Scale
  5. Importance of pH
  6. Measuring of pH by Universal Indicator
  7. Measuring of pH by pH Meter
  8. Calculating pH
8.4: Ionization Constant of Acids  (Practice Test)
  1. pH, pOH and pKw
  2. Ionization Constants of Acids
  3. Percentage of Ionization of Acids
  4. Ostwald's Dilution Law
8.5: Ionization Constant of Bases  (Practice Test)
  1. Ionization Constant of Bases
  2. pKa and pKb
8.6: Lowry Bronsted Acid and Base Concept  (Practice Test)
  1. Bronstead-Lowry Concept of Acids
  2. Bronstead-Lowry Concept of Bases
  3. Relationship between Ka and Kb
  4. Strong Acids
  5. Weak Acids
  6. Concentration and Strength
  7. Indicators
  8. More on Indicators
  9. Dissociation of Acids
  10. Dissociation of Bases
  11. Identifying Weak or Strong Acids or Bases
  12. Levelling Effect
8.7: Common Ion Effect
  1. Common Ion Effect
  2. Some Examples of Common Ion Effect
8.8: Buffer Solutions  (Practice Test)
  1. Buffer Solutions
  2. Buffer Action
  3. Calculation of pH of a Buffer
  4. More on Calculation of pH of a Buffer
  5. Buffer Capacity
8.9: Solubility Product  (Practice Test)
  1. Solubility Product
  2. Determination of Solubility Product from Solubility
  3. Determination of Solubility from Solubility Product