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Chapter 6: Short Stories and Passages (43 videos)
6.1: Picture Story (Going to Market)
  1. Going to the Market-Picture Story
6.2: Picture Story (Going to School)
  1. Going to the School-Picture Story
6.3: A Short Story-Little Red Riding Hood (reading and explanation)
  1. Little Red Riding Hood-Part 1 (reading/explanation)
  2. Little Red Riding Hood-Part 2 (reading/explanation)
  3. Little Red Riding Hood-Part 3 (reading/explanation)
  4. Little Red Riding Hood-Part 4 (reading/explanation)
6.4: A Short Story-A Big Bully (reading and explanation)
  1. A Big Bully-A Short Story (reading/explanation)
6.5: A Short Story: The Ant and Cricket (reading, explanation and exercise)
  1. Story- The Ant and Cricket (reading/explanation)
  2. Exercise: The Ant and Cricket
6.6: Passage-Ahmed and his Friend (reading, explanation and exercise)
  1. Passage-Ahmed and his Friend (reading/explanation)
  2. Exercise: Ahmed and his Friend
  3. More on Exercise: Ahmed and his Friend
6.7: Picture Story: Banana skin (explanation of pictures)
  1. Picture Story-Banana skin (reading/explanation)
6.8: Picture Story: The Hare and the Tortoise (explanation of pictures)
  1. Story-The Hare and the Tortoise (reading/explanation)
6.9: Picture Story: Hina and the Hen (reading and explanation)
  1. Story-Hina and the Hen Picture (reading/explanation)
6.10: Picture Story: Jan and Jack (Reading and Explanation)
  1. Picture Story: Jan and Jack
6.11: Passages-My Country-Pakistan (reading, explanation and exercises)
  1. My Country (passage/picture-reading/explanation)
  2. My Country (passage/picture-reading/explanation)
  3. Exercise- My country
  4. Pakistan (passage/picture-reading/explanation)
  5. 14th August-Conversation (talk)
  6. My Pakistan (passage/picture-reading/explanation)
6.12: Festivals (Eid, Christmas etc.)
  1. Festivals (Eid ul Fitr/Azha/Christmas etc)
6.13: Passages- Eid (reading, explanation and exercises)
  1. Eid-ul-Fiter (passage/picture-reading/explanation)
  2. Eid-ul-Fiter (passage/picture-reading/explanation)
6.14: My family (reading, explanation and exercises)
  1. Family Members (I am father, I am Sami etc)
  2. Masculine/Feminine (girl/boy, father/mother etc)
  3. Exercise-Masculine/Feminine
  4. My Family (father, mother, sister etc)
  5. I and My Family (Passage about Saad/family)
6.15: Who is this? (relations-father, mother, sister etc.)
  1. Who is This? (relations- (mother, father etc)
6.16: Professions (doctor, teacher, driver etc.)
  1. Professions (teacher, doctor etc-pictures/names)
  2. Professions (farmer, carpenter etc-pictures/names)
  3. Professions (teacher, doctor etc-sentences)
  4. Professions-Conversation (questions/answers)
6.17: Four Seasons (pictures/names/explanation)
  1. Seasons-Spring and Summer (pictures/names)
  2. Seasons-Autumn and Winter (pictures/names)
6.18: Dialogue about Shopping (reading/explanation)
  1. Shopping-Conversation in the Market (picture/reading/explanation)
  2. Exercise- Shopping
6.19: In the Market (types of shops-toy shop/clothes shop etc.)
  1. In the Market (types of shops-pictures/names/explanation)
6.20: Passage-Trees (reading/explanation)
  1. Trees (picture/reading/explanation)
  2. Exercise: Trees
  3. Story-The Hare and the Tortoise (reading/explanation)