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Chapter 1: Vocabulary (52 videos)
1.1: Basic Colours (Red, Blue, Green, yellow etc.)
  1. Basic Colours
  2. Exercise-Basic Colours
  3. Colours with Pictures
1.2: Animals/Birds/Insects (types, babies, food, sounds, uses)
  1. Zoo Animals (pictures with names)
  2. More on Zoo Animals (pictures with names)
  3. Birds (pictures with names)
  4. Animal Sounds
  5. Animal Babies (pictures with names)
  6. What Animals Eat (pictures with names)
  7. Animals are Useful (pictures with names)
  8. Animals Male Female (pictures with names)
  9. Ant Likes her Sugar-Rhyme
  10. More on Animals/Birds (pictures with names)
  11. Four Riddles (guess the animal)
  12. Animals are Useful (small passage)
1.3: Fruits (Names and their pictures)
  1. Fruits
1.4: Vegetables (Names and their pictures)
  1. Vegetables (pictures with names)
  2. Fruits and Vegetables (pictures with names)
1.5: Types of Shapes- Square, Circle, Rectangle, Triangle
  1. Shapes (pictures with names)
  2. Exercise-Shapes
1.6: Days of the Week (Monday, Tuesday etc.)(names and order)
  1. Days of the Week (names and order)
  2. Exercise-Days of the Week
1.7: Months of the Year (January, February etc.)
  1. Months of the Year (names and order)
  2. Exercise-Months
1.8: Numbers (1-10) Digits/In words/ Ordinal Numbers
  1. Number name one two
  2. Number name one two ex
  3. Number name 3 4
  4. Number name 3 4 ex
  5. Number name five six
  6. Number name five six ex
  7. Number name seven eight
  8. Number name seven eight ex
  9. Number name nine ten
  10. Number name nine ten ex
  11. Numbers One to Five in Words with Pictures
  12. Exercise-Numbers One to Ten (count and spell)
  13. Ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd positions)
  14. Numbers 1-10 (digits/words/tracing with pictures)
  15. Numbers and Colours-Rhyme
  16. More on Numbers and Colours-Rhyme
1.9: We Speak, We Read, We Write (how we use TV/phone etc.)
  1. We Speak, We Read, We Write (how we use phone, book etc)
  2. More on We Speak, We Read, etc
  3. Exercise-We Speak, We Read,etc
1.10: Look, Listen and Say (Body Parts- Eyes, Nose, Ears etc.)
  1. Body Parts (names with pictures)
1.11: Things in the Classroom (names and their pictures)
  1. Pictures with Names of Things in classroom
1.12: My Classroom (things in my classroom and their pictures)
  1. My Classroom (names of things in my classroom)
  2. Pictures with Names of Things in My room
1.13: Things that I use (names and pictures)
  1. Pictures with Names of Things I use
1.14: Words Categories
1.15: Real-Life Connections Between Words and their Use
1.16: Shades of Meanings