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Chapter 2: Programming (42 videos)   (Practice Test)
2.1: Algorithm and Flow charts  (Practice Test)
  1. What is an Algorithm
  2. How to write an Algorithm
  3. Algorithm examples
  4. More Examples on Algorithms
  5. Examples: Producing an effective Algorithm
  6. What is a Flow chart
  7. Basic Componets to design a Flow Chart
  8. Advantages of Flow chart
  9. Flow chart requirements
  10. Development of Flow charts
  11. Flow Chart Examples
  12. Flow Chart Examples_2
  13. More Examples on Flow Chart
  14. Basic Principles to write a Pseudo Code
  15. Test Data in Algorithms
  16. Validation and Verification techniques in Algorithms
  17. Using trace tables in testing Algorithm
2.2: Variables and Constants  (Practice Test)
  1. What are Constants
  2. More on constants
  3. Computer Program to illustrate Constants
  4. Constant qualifier
  5. The Concept of Variable
  6. Rules for naming variable
  7. Declaration and initialization of variable
2.3: Assignment Statement
  1. Assignment Operators
2.4: Arithmetic Operators
  1. Arithmatic Operators
2.5: Input Output Statements
  1. Output statements
  2. scanf function in C
  3. printf function in C
2.6: Functions and Procedures
  1. What is Function
  2. Why there is a need of Function in Programming
  3. Difference between structured and unstructured programming
2.7: If Statements
  1. Introduction to if-else structure
  2. if-else example problems
2.8: Logical and Relational Operators
  1. Relational operators
  2. Logical Operators: NOT
  3. Logical Operators: AND
  4. Logical Operators: OR
2.9: Loops
  1. What is Repetition Structure
  2. Why we need a Repetition Structure in Programming
  3. Types of Loop
  4. Structure of While Loop and its Working