Computational thinking and Problem Solving

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Chapter 4: Computational thinking and Problem Solving (51 videos)   (Practice Test)
4.1: Thinking Procedurely
  1. Procedural languages
  2. Computer Program
4.2: Thinking Logically  (Practice Test)
  1. What is Control Structure
  2. Unconditional transfer of control
  3. Why a Control Structure is important in Programming
  4. Introduction to decision and selection statements
  5. Introduction to if-else structure
  6. if-else example problems
  7. Relational operators
  8. Logical Operators: NOT
  9. Logical Operators: AND
  10. Logical Operators: OR
4.3: Thinking Ahead
  1. What is an Algorithm
  2. How to write an Algorithm
  3. Algorithm examples
4.4: Thinking concurrently
  1. What is Top Down Design
  2. Introduction to problem solving
  3. Problem solving method
4.5: Thinking Abstractly
  1. What is Object oriented programming language
4.6: Algorithm Analysis  (Practice Test)
  1. Algorithm Analysis
  2. Test Data in Algorithms
  3. Validation and Verification techniques in Algorithms
  4. Using trace tables in testing Algorithm
  5. Examples: Producing an effective Algorithm
4.7: Nature of Programming Languages  (Practice Test)
  1. Basic Operations of Computer
  2. Programming Langauges : An Overview
  3. Machine Language
  4. Assembly Language
  5. High Level Langauge
  6. Source Code and Object Program
  7. Language Translators : An Overview
  8. Flow chart to illustrate working of compiler
4.8: Use of Programming Langugaes  (Practice Test)
  1. What are Constants
  2. Computer Program to illustrate Constants
  3. The Concept of Variable
  4. Rules for naming variable
  5. Declaration and initialization of variable
  6. Use of Logical operator with if else
  7. Relational operators
  8. Logical Operators: NOT
  9. Logical Operators: AND
  10. Logical Operators: OR
  11. Why we need a Repetition Structure in Programming
  12. Types of Loop
  13. GOTO statement
  14. Structure of While Loop and its Working
  15. What is Function
  16. Why there is a need of Function in Programming
  17. Difference between structured and unstructured programming
  18. Problem Statement: Why we need Arrays
  19. What are Arrays