Fruits/Vegetables/Shapes/Body Parts/Moods/Opposites

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Chapter 8: Fruits/Vegetables/Shapes/Body Parts/Moods/Opposites (15 videos)
8.1: Fruits and Vegetables (different types)
  1. Fruits
  2. Vegetables (pictures with names)
8.2: Naming shapes (circle, square, triangle etc.)
  1. Shapes (pictures with names)
  2. Exercise-Shapes
8.3: Two Little Eyes-Rhyme
  1. Two Little Eyes-Rhyme-Rhyme
  2. More on Two Little Eyes-Rhyme
  3. Exercise-Two Little Eyes-Rhyme
8.4: Parts of the Body (eyes, ears, nose, arm, hand etc.)
  1. Body Parts (names with pictures)
8.5: We Speak, We Read, We Write (how we use phone, book e
  1. We Speak, We Read, We Write (how we use phone, book etc)
  2. More on We Speak, We Read, etc
  3. Exercise-We Speak, We Read,etc
8.6: Kinds of Faces : Different Moods (happy, sad etc.)
  1. Moods (happy, sad etc)
8.7: Describing Words: Opposites (Small/big, tall/short etc.)
  1. Describing Words-Opposites
  2. Exercise-Describing Words-Opposites (tall/short, big/small etc)
8.8: Asim Wants a Cap (Story)
  1. Asim Wants a Cap (Story/Opposites: tall/short, big/small etc)