Fractions And Decimals

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Chapter 5: Fractions And Decimals (25 videos)   (Practice Test)
5.1: Fractions  (Practice Test)
  1. Equivalent fractions using number line
  2. Equivalent fractions
  3. Generate equivalent fractions and reason of equivalence using fractio
  4. Use visual fraction models to describe equivalent fraction
  5. Write whole numbers as fractions
5.2: Comparison of fractions  (Practice Test)
  1. Compare two unlike fractions by making common denominator
  2. Compare two unlike fractions by comparing to a benchmark fraction
5.3: Addition of fractions  (Practice Test)
  1. Decompose a fraction using visual fraction model and write the equati
  2. Add like denominator mixed fractions using relation b/w addition and
  3. Solve addition word problem of like fractions by making equation
  4. Addition of tenths and hundredth
5.4: Subtraction of fractions
  1. Solve subtraction word problem of unlike fractions by making equation
5.5: Multiplication of fractions  (Practice Test)
  1. Recognize that a fraction is the product of a whole number and a unit
  2. Product of a whole number with a fraction
  3. Multiply a whole number with a fraction
  4. Word problem on multiplication of a whole number by a fraction
  5. Word problem on Multiplication of mixed fractions with Whole numbers
  6. Modeling fraction multiplication
5.6: Conversion of fractions  (Practice Test)
  1. Convert tenths to hundredths
  2. Convert improper fractions to mixed fractions using model
  3. Convert mixed fractions to improper fractions using model
5.7: Introduction to decimals
  1. Reading decimal numbers to thousandths
  2. conversion of decimals using place value
5.8: Conversion and comparison of decimals
  1. Compare decimals to 100ths
5.9: Estimation
  1. Round decimals using place value to nearest whole or decimal number