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Chapter 4: Grammar (143 videos)   (Practice Test)
4.1: Parts of Speech (Introduction)  (Practice Test)
  1. Parts of Speech (introduction)
  2. Nouns (explanation with examples)
  3. Pronouns (explanation with examples)
  4. Adjectives (explanation with examples)
  5. Verbs (explanation with examples)
  6. Adverbs (explanation with examples)
  7. Conjunctions (explanation with examples)
  8. Prepositions (explanation with examples)
  9. Interjections (explanation with examples)
4.2: Types of Nouns  (Practice Test)
  1. Masculine/Feminine (girl/boy, father/mother etc)
  2. Masculine/ Feminine (man/woman etc)(explanation/activities)
  3. Gender Nouns
  4. Proper Nouns (explanation with examples)
  5. Common Nouns (explanation with examples)
  6. Singular and Plural Nouns (explanation with examples)
  7. Countable and Uncountable Nouns (explanation with examples)
  8. Collective Nouns (explanation with examples)
  9. Changing Noun Number to Plural Part 1
  10. Changing Noun Number to Plural Part 2
  11. Exercise-Collective Nouns
  12. Compound Nouns (explanation with examples)
  13. Exercise-Nouns-Mixed
  14. Nouns with Different Meanings in Different Numbers
  15. Number of Compound Nouns
  16. Animate and Inanimate Nouns and their Possessive Forms
  17. Possessive Forms of Animate Nouns Activity
  18. Use of Much and Many
4.3: Types of Pronouns  (Practice Test)
  1. Personal Pronouns (explanation with examples)
  2. Possessive Pronouns (explanation with examples)
  3. Relative Pronouns & antecedent(explanation with examples)
  4. More on Relative Pronouns
  5. Exercise-Relative Pronouns
  6. Pronoun and Referent
  7. Kinds of Pronouns Mixed Part-1
  8. Kinds of Pronouns Mixed Part-2
  9. Exercise-Kinds of Pronouns Mixed
  10. Exercise-Pronoun Antecedent
  11. Pronoun Antecedent Agreement
  12. Pronoun Antecedent Agreement (Activity)
  13. Interrogative Pronouns
  14. Joining Sentences by inserting "Who"
  15. Joining Sentences by inserting "Which"
  16. Joining Sentences by inserting "Which or Who"
  17. Emphatic Pronoun
  18. Reciprocal Pronoun
4.4: Types of Prepositions  (Practice Test)
  1. Prepositions (explanation with examples & exercise)
  2. Prepositions of Place
  3. Prepositions of Time
  4. Prepositions of Reason
  5. Prepositions of Movement or Direction
  6. Use of Since and For
  7. Preposition and Object of Preposition
4.5: Conjunctions  (Practice Test)
  1. Conjunctions(3 types)(explanation with examples)
  2. Joining Sentences by inserting "or, and, but"
  3. Joining Sentences by inserting "so or because"
4.6: Articles  (Practice Test)
  1. Special Use of Article "An" and "A"
  2. Some Common Uses of Article "The"
  3. Definite and Indefinite Articles (explanation with examples)
  4. Exercise-Articles
  5. Articles (explanation/identify/insert articles)
4.7: Transitional Devices
  1. Transitional Devices Part 1
  2. Transitional Devices Part 2
  3. Transitional Devices Part 3
  4. Transitional Devices Part 4
  5. Transitional Devices Part 5
  6. Transitional Devices Part-6
  7. Transitional Devices Part-7
4.8: Kinds of Adjectives  (Practice Test)
  1. Exercise-Degrees of comparison
  2. Regular Adjectives
  3. Irregular Adjectives
  4. Paired Adjectives
  5. Order of Adjectives (explanation with examples)
  6. Exercise-Order of Adjectives
  7. Some More Types of Adjectives Part 1
  8. Some More Types of Adjectives Part 2
  9. Some More Types of Adjectives Part 3 (Activity)
  10. Forming Adjectives from Nouns Part 1
  11. Forming Adjectives from Nouns Part 2 (Activity)
  12. Use of Determiners
  13. Comparative Adjectives with 'the'
  14. Adjectives with Reference to "Than"
  15. Hyphenated Compound Adjectives
  16. Nationals and their Adjectives e.g. Spain-Spaniard-Spanish
4.9: Kinds and Positions of Adverbs in a Sentence  (Practice Test)
  1. Kinds of Adverbs (explanation with examples)
  2. More on Kinds of Adverbs
  3. Position of Adverbs in a sentence (explanation with examples)
  4. Position of a Single Adverb in a Sentence
  5. Change Adjectives into Adverbs
  6. Adverbs of Affirmation or Negation
  7. Adverbs of Reason
  8. Words used as Adjectives and Adverbs Both
4.10: Types of Sentences  (Practice Test)
  1. Sentence and Order of its Parts
  2. Identify a Sentence (explanation/activities)
  3. Sentence Analysis (subject, verb, object etc. all combined)
  4. Direct and Indierct Object
  5. Statements (explanation with examples)
  6. Imperative Sentences (explanation with examples)
  7. Excalamatory Sentences (explanation with examples)
  8. Interrogative Sentences (explanation with examples)
  9. Wh-Question Words
  10. Changing Statements into Negatives and Interrogatives
  11. Asking for Permission (May I etc)
  12. Greetings (Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening)
  13. Orders and Requests: Direct/Indirect Speech
  14. Changing a Statement into an Interrogative starting with "How Long"
  15. Use of Question Words
  16. Tag Questions
  17. Identifying Expressions w.r.t. Types
4.11: Kinds of Verbs and their Forms  (Practice Test)
  1. Transitive Verb (explantion with examples)
  2. Intransitive Verb (explantion with examples)
  3. Auxilliary Verb (explantion with examples)
  4. Linking Verbs (explantion with examples)
  5. Simple Past Tense (practice)
  6. Modal Verbs (explanation with examples)
  7. More on Modal Verbs
  8. Exercise-Modal Verbs
  9. Forms of Verbs for Regular Verbs (explanation with examples)
  10. Forms of Verbs for Irregular Verbs (explanation with examples)
  11. Present and Past participle (explanation with examples)
  12. Exercise-Present & Past Participles
  13. Present Past and Past Participle forms of some Verbs
  14. Gerunds(explanation/complete phrases/make sentences)
  15. Use of 'Can' and 'May'
  16. Use of 'Should' and 'Must'
  17. Use of 'Could' 'Might' and 'Would'
  18. Various Forms of Verbs (Practice)
  19. Forming Verbs from Nouns
  20. Verbs of Doing and Verbs of Being
  21. Use of Must & Must Not
  22. Use of "Used To"
4.12: Phrases and Clauses  (Practice Test)
  1. Phrase (explanation with examples)
  2. Noun, Verb, Prepositional Phrases (explanation with examples)
  3. Adjective Phrase (explanation with examples)
  4. Exercise-Adjective Phrase
  5. Adverb Phrase (explanation with examples)
  6. Exercie-Adverb Phrase
  7. Independent/Dependent Clauses (explanation with examples)
  8. Exercise-Independent & Dependent Clause
  9. Exercise-Comma Clause
  10. Noun Clause (explanation with examples)
  11. Adjective Clause (explanation with examples)
  12. Exercise-Adjective Clause-1
  13. Exercise-Adjective Clause-2