The Chemistry and Uses of Acids, Bases and Salts

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Chapter 7: The Chemistry and Uses of Acids, Bases and Salts (70 videos)   (Practice Test)
7.1: The Characteristic Properties of Acids and Bases  (Practice Test)
  1. Symbols of Element
  2. Introduction to Acids and Bases
  3. General Properties of Acids
  4. Reaction of Acids with Metals
  5. Reaction of Acids with Carbonates and Bicarbonates
  6. Reaction of Acids with Metal Oxides and Hydroxides
  7. Role of Water For Acidity
  8. Uses of Acids
  9. General Properties of Bases
  10. Bases
  11. Alkalis
  12. Properties of Alkalis
  13. Reaction of Bases with Acids
  14. Neutralization Reaction
  15. More on Neutralisation
  16. Reaction of Ammonium Salts with Bases
  17. Precipitation of Hydroxide
  18. Uses of Alkalis
  19. Uses of Bases
  20. Concentration and Strength
  21. Dissociation of Acids
  22. Strong Acids
  23. Weak Acids
  24. Dissociation of Bases
  25. Indicators
  26. Universal Indicator
  27. Concept of pH Scale
  28. Measuring of pH by Universal Indicator
  29. Measuring of pH by pH Meter
  30. Importance of pH
  31. Acidic Oxides
  32. Basic Oxides
  33. Amphoteric Oxides
  34. Neutral Oxides
7.2: Preparation of Salts  (Practice Test)
  1. Introduction to Salts
  2. Water of Crystallization
  3. Properties of Salts
  4. Preparation of Soluble salt
  5. More on Soluble Salt
  6. Preparation of Insoluble salt
  7. Preparation of Zinc Sulphate Crystals
  8. Reaction of Acids with Metals
  9. Reaction of Bases with Acids
  10. Reaction of Acids with Carbonates and Bicarbonates
  11. Process of Titration
  12. Standard Solution
  13. Acid-Base Titration
  14. Ionic Precipitation
  15. Precipitation of Hydroxide
7.3: Properties and Uses of Ammonia  (Practice Test)
  1. The Importance of Nitrogen and its Compounds
  2. The Nitrogen Cycle
  3. The Haber's Process
  4. More on Haber process
  5. Reversible Reaction in Ammonia
  6. Dynamic Equilibrium in Ammonia
  7. Reaction of Ammonia with Acids
  8. Displacement of Ammonia from its Salt
  9. Eutrophication
  10. Manufacture of Fertilisers
  11. More on Manufacture of Fertilisers
  12. Preparation of Nitric Acid in Laboratory
  13. Ammonia as Solvent
7.4: Sulfuric Acid  (Practice Test)
  1. Sulphur Dioxide
  2. Properties of Sulphur Dioxide
  3. Sulphur Trioxide
  4. Properties of Sulphur Trioxide
  5. Preparation of Sulphuric Acid through Contact Process
  6. Manufacture of Detergents
  7. Manufacture of fertilisers
  8. Sulphuric Acid as Drying Agent
  9. As battery Acid in Cars