Characteristics and Needs of Living Things

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Chapter 2: Characteristics and Needs of Living Things (12 videos)   (Practice Test)
2.1: Needs of Living Things
  1. Factors Necessary for Animals and Plants Survival
2.2: Physical Characteristics of Living Things
  1. Characteristics of Living Things
2.3: Living Things Can Grow While Non-Living Things Cannot Grow  (Practice Test)
  1. Living and Non Living Things
  2. Characteristics of Living Things
2.4: Inherited Characteristics
  1. Passing of Information
2.5: Similarities And Differences Within A Single Species
  1. Passing of Information
2.6: Life Cycles of Animals  (Practice Test)
  1. Life Cycle of Frog
  2. Life Cycle of Fish and Butterfly
  3. Life Cycle of Bee
2.7: Life Cycle of A Plant  (Practice Test)
  1. Life Cycle of a Plant (Green Bean)
  2. Life Cycle of Sunflower
  3. Germination of French Bean Seed