Unit 6

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Chapter 6: Unit 6 (10 videos)
6.1: Village or City-Poem (reading /explanation/activities)
  1. Village or City-Poem (reading /explanation/activities)
6.2: Rearrange Letters to Make Words (unscramble/write)
  1. Unscramble Words (rearrange words to make correct spelling)
6.3: Action Words (Verbs) (recognition/reading practice)
  1. Look and Say: Actions (cooking, praying etc)
  2. Action Words (Verb-eating, reading etc/sentences)
6.4: Transportation(reading /explanation/activities)
  1. Traffic Lights (Rhyme)
  2. Sign Boards (Zebra Crossing/U-turn etc)
  3. Rhyme-Traffic Lights
  4. Modes of Transportation (car, bus, motorbike etc)
  5. Transportation (passage/picture-reading/explanation)
6.5: Prepositions (behind, in front etc)(explanation/activities)
  1. Prepositions(behind, in front etc)(explanation/activities)