Animals are Useful

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Chapter 10: Animals are Useful (13 videos)
10.1: Animals are Useful
10.2: Animals and Birds
  1. Zoo Animals (pictures with names)
  2. More on Animals/Birds (pictures with names)
  3. Birds (pictures with names)
10.3: Road safety
  1. Road Safety (how/where to cross the road etc.)
10.4: Good Manners
  1. Good Manners (how to behave-sentences)
10.5: Greeting Cards
  1. Greeting Cards (how to make)
10.6: Request
10.7: Dialogue: May I
10.8: Prepositions: Where is it?
10.9: Eid-ul-fiter (Reading/ Explanation)
10.10: The Hare and the Tortoise (Story)
  1. Story-The Hare and the Tortoise (reading/explanation)
10.11: Thank you Allah (Hymn) (Reading /Explanation)
  1. Thank you Allah-Hymn