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    Chapter 4 Grammar ( 175 videos)  (Practice Test)

      4.2: Use of Capital Letters for Proper Names
      4.6: Regular an Irregular Nouns (plural form) (Practice Test)
      4.10: Fill Blanks with Action Words (explanation/writing)
      4.11: Use of Can & Cannot (explanation/complete sentences)
      4.13: Use of Has and Have (explanation/activities)
      4.17: Question Words (who, what, when etc.)(explanation/activities)
      4.19: Singular/Plural: ending "es" sound (explanation/activities)
      4.26: Commands and Instructions (do this, do that etc.)
      4.27: Questions about book, table, pen and bag
      4.28: Questions with Where (Where is the moon? etc.)
      4.29: Identify a Sentence (explanation/activities)
      4.30: Rearrange Words to make a Sentence(explanation/activities)
      4.33: Use of These and Those (Sentences)
      4.34: Q&A about This and That (reading/explanation/writing)
      4.37: Joining Sentences
      4.41: Zero Conditional
      4.42: Direct/Indirect Narration (Practice Test)
      4.43: Contractions (it is/it's, I am/I'm etc.)(explanation/activities)