Pronunciation and Spelling

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    Chapter 2 Pronunciation and Spelling ( 71 videos)

      2.2: Diagraphs/Common Blends ( words with ch/sh/ph/th sounds)
      2.3: Diagraphs/Common Blends ( words ending with ch/sh/ph/th sounds)
      2.5: Letter Blends with Sounds (three letter words: cat, big, hog, hug etc.)
      2.7: Final Blends (two ending letters make one sound-og/ag/ow)
      2.8: Initial 'Cl' Sound in Words (read/fill blanks)
      2.9: Words Ending with ight/igh (read/write)
      2.13: Unscramble Words (rearrange words to make correct spelling)
      2.14: Minimal Pairs
      2.16: Double Consonants
      2.17: Spelling Triple Consonants (consonant Clusters)
      2.18: One Syllable Words (words with one sound beat-corn, nest etc.)
      2.19: Two Syllable Words (words with two sound beats-but/ter etc.)
      2.21: Analogy
      2.22: Different Sounds of 'ed'
      2.23: Stress and Intonation
      2.24: Root Words, Prefixes and Suffixes
      2.25: Derivational Suffixes
      2.26: Homophones (words with same sounds but different meanings)