Introduction and Role of Science

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Chapter 1: Introduction and Role of Science (13 videos)   (Practice Test)
1.1: Brief History of Science
  1. Introduction to Science
1.2: Concept of Science in Islam
  1. (Oops! Video is missing.)
1.3: Brief Contribution of Muslim Scientists(Practice Test)
  1. Muslim Scientist(Kidney)
  2. Muslim Scientist (Eye)
  3. Contribution to Science By Muslim Scientists
1.4: Contribution of Pakistani Scientists
  1. Contribution to Science By Pakistani Scientists
1.5: Science as an Integrated Discipline(Practice Test)
  1. Chemistry
  2. Introduction to Physics
  3. Introduction to Biology
  4. Zoology,Botany, Microbiology
  5. More Branches of Science
1.6: Role of Science and Technology
  1. Importance of Physics in our Daily Life
1.7: Limitations of Science
  1. Limitations of Science