Human Health

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Chapter 3: Human Health (10 videos)   (Practice Test)
3.1: Symptoms, Transmission, and Prevention of Communicable Diseases
  1. Symptoms and Transmission of Infections
3.2: Prevention of Contagious Diseases
  1. Difference Between Contagious and Non-contagious Diseases
3.3: Seven Steps for Hand Wash(Practice Test)
  1. Ways of Cleanliness
  2. Antibiotics and Vaccines
3.4: Ways of Maintaining Good Health
  1. Keeping Healthy and Strong
3.5: Balance Diet and It's Components(Practice Test)
  1. Balanced Diet and Its Importance
  2. Food Groups and their Importance
3.6: Value of Clean Drinking Water
  1. Uses of Water
  2. Water Pollution (Causes and Effects)
  3. Separation of Insoluble Solids From Water