The Fox and The Stork

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Chapter 11: The Fox and The Stork (36 videos)   (Practice Test)
11.1: Oral Communication
  1. Intonation Patterns with Examples
  2. Shopping-Conversation in the Market (picture/reading/explanation)
  3. Agreeing and Disagreeing (Yes you may/No you may not)
  4. Expressing Agreement or Disagreement
11.2: Reading and Critical Thinking
  1. Comprehension The Fox and The Stork Part 1
  2. Comprehension The Fox and The Stork Part 2
  3. Elements of a Story Part 1
  4. Elements of a Story Part 2
  5. Elements of a Story
11.3: Language Focus(Practice Test)
  1. Parts of Speech (introduction)
  2. Nouns (explanation with examples)
  3. Adjectives (explanation with examples)
  4. Verbs (explanation with examples)
  5. Adverbs (explanation with examples)
  6. Prepositions (explanation with examples)
  7. Conjunctions (explanation with examples)
  8. Dictionary Skills
  9. Arrange Words in Alphabetical Order (by 1st letter/activities)
  10. Arrange Words in Alphabetical Order (by 2nd letter/activities)
  11. Pronouns (explanation with examples)
  12. Personal Pronouns (explanation with examples)
  13. Possessive Pronouns (explanation with examples)
  14. Present Simple Tense(Uses&Formation)
  15. Present Simple Tense(Table) (explanation with examples)
  16. Present Continuous Tense (Uses&Formation)
  17. Present Continuous Tense (Table) (explanation with examples)
  18. Past Simple Tense(Uses&Formation)
  19. Past Simple Tense (Table)(explanation with examples)
  20. Joining Sentences by inserting "or, and, but"
  21. Joining Sentences by inserting "so or because"
  22. Wh-Question Words
  23. Use of Question Words
  24. Contractions (it is/it's, I am/I'm etc)(explanation/activities)
  25. Apostrophes with Contractions(Rule 13)
11.4: Writing
  1. Writing Information About Your Favourite Personality/ Biography
  2. Writing Your Own Fable