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Chapter 2: My Family and I (49 videos)
2.1: Oral Communication
  1. Exercise-Sounds of Letters Aa-Bb-Cc
  2. Exercise-Sounds of Letters Dd-Ee-Ff
  3. Exercise-Sounds of Letters Gg-Hh-Ii
  4. Exercise-Sounds of Letters Jj-Kk-Ll
  5. Exercise-Sounds of Letters Mm-Nn-Oo
  6. Exercise-Sounds of Letters Pp-Qq-Rr
  7. Exercise-Sounds of Letters Ss-Tt-Uu
  8. Exercise-Sounds of Letters Vv-Ww-Xx
  9. Exercise-Sounds of Letters yy-Zz
  10. 3Letter Words-pan, bun,tap (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  11. 3 letter Words-mug, bib, bed (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  12. 3 letter Words-cap, net, pin (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  13. 3 letter Words-cat, hut, man (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  14. 3 letter Words-rat, sun, bat (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  15. Greetings (Assalam-o-Aleikum/Good Morning/Goodbye etc)
2.2: Reading and Critical Thinking
  1. Use clues to write a Paragraph (think/write)
2.3: Language Focus
  1. Number name one two
  2. Number name 3 4
  3. Number name five six
  4. Number name seven eight
  5. Number name nine ten
  6. Names of Places in School (guess/write)
  7. Names of Things in Class
  8. Sight Words-am, an, etc
  9. Sight Words-get, give, etc
  10. Sight Words-has, have, etc
  11. Sight Words-I, in, is, etc
  12. Sight Words-no, not, of, etc
  13. Sight Words-that, the, etc
  14. Exercise-3 Letter Words-pan, bun,tap
  15. Exercise-3 Letter Words-mug, bib, bed
  16. Exercise-3 Letter Words-cap, net, pin
  17. Exercise-3 Letter Words-cat, hut, man
  18. Exercise-3 letter Words-rat, sun, bat
  19. Use of Capital Letter to Begin Names of People
  20. The Pronouns-1 (he, she, it and they-picture/passage)
  21. The Pronouns-2 (he, she, it and they-picture/passage)
  22. Pronouns (his/her-fill in blanks)
  23. Pronouns (I, am, you, are, he, she, it, is-sentences)
2.4: Writing
  1. Vowels Introduction (letters a,e,i,o,u)
  2. Exercise Vowels Introduction
  3. Short and Long Vowel Sounds
  4. Exercise-Short and Long Vowel Sounds
  5. Exercise-Short and Long Vowels Combined
  6. Exercise-Vowel Sounds Mixed
  7. One Syllable Words (corn, nest etc)
  8. Myself-Monologue(reading /explanation/activities)
  9. Exercise About Myself (tick right answer)
  10. Exercise About Myself (write answers)