Time to Recall

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Chapter 1: Time to Recall (75 videos)
1.1: Oral Communication
  1. Listen and Repeat (pictures of objects)
  2. More on Listen and Repeat (pictures of objects)
  3. Things We See Around (pictures of objects)
  4. Look and Say (pictures of objects)
  5. Objects-Things Around Me (pictures with names)
  6. Things (pictures of objects with names)
  7. Sounds of Letters Aa-Bb-Cc (pictures/names/practice)
  8. Exercise-Sounds of Letters Aa-Bb-Cc
  9. Sounds of Letters Dd-Ee-Ff (pictures/names/practice)
  10. Exercise-Sounds of Letters Dd-Ee-Ff
  11. Sounds of Letters Gg-Hh-Ii (pictures/names/practice)
  12. Exercise-Sounds of Letters Gg-Hh-Ii
  13. Sounds of Letters Jj-Kk-Ll (pictures/names/practice)
  14. Exercise-Sounds of Letters Jj-Kk-Ll
  15. Sounds of Letters Mm-Nn-Oo (pictures/names/practice)
  16. Exercise-Sounds of Letters Mm-Nn-Oo
  17. Sounds of Letters Pp-Qq-Rr (pictures/names/practice)
  18. Exercise-Sounds of Letters Pp-Qq-Rr
  19. Sounds of Letters Ss-Tt-Uu (pictures/names/practice)
  20. Exercise-Sounds of Letters Ss-Tt-Uu
  21. Sounds of Letters Vv-Ww-Xx (pictures/names/practice)
  22. Exercise-Sounds of Letters Vv-Ww-Xx
  23. Sounds of Letters yy-Zz (pictures/names/practice)
  24. Exercise-Sounds of Letters yy-Zz
1.2: Reading and Critical Thinking
  1. Revision Exercise-Letter for Beginning Sound
  2. Revision Exercise-Ending Letter-Duck etc
  3. Revision Exercise-Letter for Ending Sound (mango-o etc)
1.3: Language Focus
  1. More on Letters of the Alphabet Aa-Ff (pictures/names/practice)
  2. More on Letters of the Alphabet Gg-Ll (pictures/names/practice)
  3. More on Letters of the Alphabet Mm-Ss (pictures/names/practice)
  4. More on Letters of the Alphabet Tt-Zz (pictures/names/practice)
  5. Complete English Alphabet A to Z-Capital
  6. Complete English Alphabet a to z-Small
  7. Exercise-Complete English Alphabet A to Z
1.4: Writing
  1. Strokes (Trace the lines)
  2. Capital and Small A-a
  3. Capital and Small B-b (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  4. Capital and Small C-c (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  5. Exercise-Capital and Small Aa-Bb-Cc
  6. Capital and Small D-d (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  7. Capital and Small E-e (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  8. Capital and Small F-f (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  9. Capital and Small-Exercise-Dd-Ee-Ff
  10. Capital and Small G-g (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  11. Capital and Small H-h (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  12. Capital and Small I-i (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  13. Exercise-Capital and Small Gg-Hh-Ii
  14. Capital and Small J-j (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  15. Capital and Small K-k (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  16. Capital and Small L-l (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  17. Exercise-Capital and Small Jj-Kk-Ll
  18. Capital and Small M-m (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  19. Capital and Small N-n (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  20. Capital and Small O-o (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  21. Exercise-Capital and Small Mm-Nn-Oo
  22. Capital and Small P-p (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  23. Capital and Small Q-q (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  24. Capital and Small R-r (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  25. Exercise-Capital and Small Pp-Qq-Rr
  26. Capital and Small S-s (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  27. Capital and Small T-t (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  28. Capital and Small U-u (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  29. Exercise-Capital and Small Ss-Tt-Uu
  30. Capital and Small V-v (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  31. Capital and Small W-w (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  32. Capital and Small X-x (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  33. Exercise-Capital and Small Vv-Ww-Xx
  34. Capital and Small Y-y (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  35. Capital and Small Z-z (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  36. Exercise-Capital and Small Yy-Zz
  37. 3Letter Words-pan, bun,tap (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  38. 3 letter Words-mug, bib, bed (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  39. 3 letter Words-cap, net, pin (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  40. 3 letter Words-cat, hut, man (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  41. 3 letter Words-rat, sun, bat (pictures/names/tracing/practice)