Microsoft Access 2007

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    Chapter 2 Microsoft Access 2007 ( 30 videos)  (Practice Test)

      2.2: Creating tables and Assigning Primary key to the table (Practice Test)
      2.3: Adding Records to a Table and Modifying Records in a table
      2.4: Creating Relationship between tables (one- to - one ) Relationship
      2.5: Creating One to Many Relationship
      2.6: Creating Many-to-Many Relationship
      2.7: Creating Queries (Practice Test)
      2.8: Viewing and Running Query
      2.9: Modifying Query
      2.10: Multiple table Queries
      2.11: Adding a Calculating Column/Field to a Query
      2.12: Creating Queries using Query design
      2.13: Creating a Make table Query
      2.14: Creating an Append Query
      2.15: Creating an Update Query
      2.16: Creating a Delete Query
      2.17: Creating and Runnig Data Entry form
      2.18: Making forms more usable with Controls
      2.19: Creating form with Sub form for related tables
      2.20: Creating a Switch Board form
      2.22: Creating a Report Using Query