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Chapter 4: Gases (37 videos)   (Practice Test)
4.1: Kinetic Molecular Theory of Gases(Practice Test)
  1. Common States of Matter(solid, liq,gas,plasma)
  2. Brownian Movement
  3. Shape and Volume of Gases
  4. Kinetic Molecular Theory of Gases
  5. More on Kinetic Molecular Theory of Gases
  6. Motion of Particles of a Gas
4.2: Absolute Temperature Scale on the Basis of Charle's Law(Practice Test)
  1. Kinetic Interpretation of Temperature
  2. Atmosphere Pressure
  3. Units of Pressure
  4. Boyle's Law of Gases
  5. Experimental Verification of Boyle's Law
  6. Graphical Explanation of Boyle's Law
  7. Charles's Law
  8. Experimental Verification of Charles's Law
  9. Graphical Explanation of Charles' Law
  10. Derivation of Absolute Zero
4.3: Avogadro's Law
  1. Avogadro's Law
4.4: Ideal Gas Equation or Equation of State for an Ideal Gas(Practice Test)
  1. General Gas Equation
  2. Ideal Gas Constant R
  3. Density of an Ideal Gas
4.5: Deviation from Ideal Gas Behaviour(Practice Test)
  1. Non-Ideal Behaviour of Gases
  2. Causes for Deviations from Ideality
4.6: Van der Waal's Equation(Practice Test)
  1. Van der Waals Equation for Real Gases; Volume Correction
  2. Pressure Correction
  3. Proving Correction of Volume and Pressure
  4. Van der Waal's Constants
4.7: Daltons Law of Partial Pressure and its Applications(Practice Test)
  1. Dalton's Law of Partial Pressures
  2. Calculation of Partial Pressure of a Gas
  3. Applications of Dalton's Law of Partial Pressures
  4. Diffusion and Effusion in Gases
4.8: Graham's Law of Diffusion and Effusion(Practice Test)
  1. Effect of Molecular Mass on the Rate of Diffusion
  2. Demonstration of Graham's Law
4.9: Liquefaction of Gases(Practice Test)
  1. General Principle of Liquefaction
  2. Joule Thomson Effect
  3. Linde's Method of Liquefaction of Gases
  4. Explanation of Graham's Law from Kinetic Molecular Theory of Gases
4.10: Fourth State of Matter - The Plasma
  1. Plasma