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Chapter 3: Enzymes (52 videos)   (Practice Test)
3.1: Enzymes Structure(Practice Test)
  1. Enzyme
  2. Taxonomy of Prokaryotes
  3. Types of Cofactors
  4. Phylogeny of Prokaryotes
3.2: Mechanisims of Enzyme Action(Practice Test)
  1. Mechanism of Enzymes
  2. Features of Archaea
  3. Characteristics of Enzymes
  4. Archaea Inhabit Extreme Environments
  5. Lock and Key Model
  6. Induecd Fit Model
  7. Factors Effecting the rate of Enzyme Action
3.3: Factors Affecting the Rate of Enzymatic Action(Practice Test)
  1. Factors Effecting the Rate of Enzyme Action
  2. Discovery of Bacteria
  3. Occurrence of Bacteria
  4. Cynobacteria
  5. Cyanobacteria
3.4: Enzyme Inhibition(Practice Test)
  1. Inhibitors
  2. Structure of Bacteria Capsule, Slime and Pilli
  3. Feedback Inhibition
  4. Structure of Bacteria
  5. Enzymes Nature
  6. Cell Wall of Bacteria
  7. Uses of Enzymes
  8. Kinds of Bacteria
  9. Specificity of Enzymes
  10. More on Structure of Bacteria
  11. Venome Inhibitors
  12. Bacterial Cell Membrane and Bacterial Cytoplasm
  13. Genomic Organization of Bacteria
  14. Bacterial Appendages, Structure of Bacterial Flagellum
3.5: Classification of Enzymes(Practice Test)
  1. Three Groups of Enzymes
  2. Flagella and Its Structure
  3. Nomenclature of Enzymes
  4. Spirochaetal Movement and Gliding Motility
  5. Classification of Enzymes
  6. Uses of Enzymes
3.6: Modes of Nutrition in Bacteria(Practice Test)
  1. Mode of Nutrition in Bacteria
  2. Division of Bacteria on the Basis of Nutrition
3.7: Growth and Reproduction in Bacteria(Practice Test)
  1. Respiration and Growth in Bacteria
  2. Reproduction in Bacteria
  3. Transformation and Transduction
3.8: Importance of Bacteria(Practice Test)
  1. Beneficial Bacteria ,Harmful Bacteria
  2. Role of Bacteria in Decomposition, Soil Fertility and Bioremediation
  3. Role of Bacteria in Research and Technology
  4. More on Role of Bacteria in Research and Technology
  5. Cholera, Typhoid
  6. Bacterial Diseases in Man
  7. Bacillary Dysentery, Tetanus
  8. Bacterial Diseases in Plants
3.9: The Bacterial Flora of Humans
  1. The Bacterial Flora of Humans
  2. Benefits of The Bacterial Flora of Humans
3.10: Control of Bacteria(Practice Test)
  1. Control of Bacteria