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Chapter 10: Form And Functions in plants (62 videos)   (Practice Test)
10.1: Nutrition In Plants(Practice Test)
  1. Macronutrients, Micronutrients
  2. Minerals Requirement in Plants
  3. Role of Nitrogen and Magnesium
  4. Minerals Requirement, Nitrogen
  5. Minerals Requirement, Phosphorus
  6. Minerals Requirement, Potassium
  7. Minerals Requirement, Magnesium
  8. Nutrition in Carnivorous Plants
10.2: Gaseous Exchange in Plants(Practice Test)
  1. Gaseous Exchange in Plants
  2. Gaseous Exchange in Plants
  3. Types of Mesophyll in Dicot and Monocot Leaves
  4. Stomatal Transpiration
  5. Stomata, Exchange in Leaves
  6. Patterns of Exchange of Gases Between plant and Environment
10.3: Transport in Plants(Practice Test)
  1. Transport in Plants
  2. More on Osmosis
  3. Water Potentials
  4. More on Water Potential
  5. Solute Potential
  6. Osmotic Potential
  7. Apoplast Pathway
  8. Symplast Pathway
  9. Vacuolar Pathway
  10. Xylem Tissues
  11. Ascent of Sap
  12. More onAscent of Sap
  13. Transpiration
  14. Transpiration Pull
  15. Cohesion and Tension Theory
  16. Opening and Closing of Stomata
  17. Strach Sugar Hypothesis
  18. Influx of K+ Ions
  19. Translocation
  20. Pattern or Direction of Translocation
10.4: Homeostasis in Plants(Practice Test)
  1. Osmotic Adjustments in Plants
  2. Osmoregulation,Thermoregulation and Excretion
  3. Adaptations in Plants to High Temperature
  4. Adaptations in Plants to Low Temperature
10.5: Support In Plants(Practice Test)
  1. Turgor Prsssure in Plants
  2. Parenchyma Tissues
  3. Collenchyma Tissues
  4. Sclerenchyma Tissues
10.6: Growth And Development In Plants(Practice Test)
  1. Meristematic Tissues
  2. Tissues for Growth , Apical Meristems
  3. Primary Growth
  4. Secondary Growth
  5. Role of Lateral Meristems in Secondary Growth
10.7: Growth Responces In Plants(Practice Test)
  1. Plant Growth Regulators(PRGs), Auxins
  2. Role of Plant Growth Substance in Plant Movement
  3. Auxins, Gibberellins
  4. Cytokinin, Abscisic Acid, Ethylene
  5. Comparison of effects of Plant Growth Regulators on Different Plant P
  6. More on Comparison of effects of Plant Growth Regulators on Different
  7. Types of Movements
  8. Tropic Movements
  9. More on Tropic Movements
  10. Photoperiodism
  11. Concept of critical photoperiodism
  12. Significance of Dark Periods over Photoperiods And Effect of Quality
  13. Mechanism of Photoperiodism
  14. Stimuli Required for Induction of Flowering and Role of Florigen
  15. Vernalisation