Build Your Own Sabaq Lite (Free)

Sabaq Lite is an offline solution for schools and academies and it contains all of videos, practice tests, and more. To make it easy for schools and academies to adopt Sabaq Lite, we are providing a FREE option called “Build your own Sabaq Lite”.

Build Your Own Requires a Computer

In order to benefit from “Build Your Own Sabaq Lite” option, you must have a computer with the following specifications:

  • Core i-5 or stronger CPU
  • 4+ GB RAM
  • 256+ GB of free disk space.
  • Windows 8, Windows 10, or Linux Operating System
  • High speed Internet (Only required for one-time download process)
  • Regular Internet (optional) (for uploading usage data to the cloud)

Steps to Build Your Own Sabaq Lite

Please note that you need high speed Internet only once to download all the software and videos. Later, you can run Sabaq Lite without any Internet. Or, if you want to upload usage data to the cloud then you need any regular Internet connection (3G or even GPRS).

Here are the steps you must go through to download and install Sabaq Lite.

  1. Download Sabaq Lite software package.
  2. You must download Xtreme Download Manager and use it to download all videos. Without this download manager, you cannot easily download very large video files
    • This download manager is required to download Sabaq videos.
    • Xtreme Download Manager enables you to perform high speed downloads with the functionality to pause and resume.
  3. By using Xtreme Download Manager now download all the videos that your school or academy needs (Primary, Secondary, Middle, Higher) combinations.
  4. Download Sabaq Lite Prerequisites
    • Java 11
    • XAMPP for Windows or XAMPP for Linux
  5. Install XAMPP
  6. Install JAVA
  7. Configure MySQL database
  8. Install Sabaq Lite
  9. Copy Videos
  10. Setup WiFi Router for Sabaq Lite
  11. Configure & Test Sabaq Lite
  12. Use Sabaq Lite from Classrooms and Labs

Buy Pre-Built Sabaq Lite (Low Cost)

If “Build Your Own Sabaq Lite” is too technically complicated for you or if you don’t have the computer already and will have to spend money buying one anyway, then you can buy a low-cost pre-built Sabaq Lite from us. We use Raspberry Pi computer to keep our costs down.

To buy Pre-built Sabaq Lite, please contact us at: