Waves and Sound

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Chapter 12: Waves and Sound (67 videos)   (Practice Test)
12.1: Introduction
  1. Introductoin to Wave Motion
12.2: Oscillations
  1. Introduction to Simple Harmonic Motion
12.3: Simple Harmonic Motion
  1. Working of Simple Harmonic Motion
  2. Problem 1-Working of Simple Harmonic Motion
  3. Problem 1-Mass Attached to Spring
  4. Problem-Energies Interconversion in Spring-Mass System
  5. Basic terms in SHM
  6. Problem 1-Basic Terms in SHM
12.4: Example of Simple Harmonic Motion
  1. Introduction to simple Pendulum
  2. Problem-Introduction to Simple Pendulum
  3. Working of simple pendulum
  4. Problem-Working of Simple Pendulum
12.5: Resonance  (Practice Test)
  1. Introduction to Resonance
  2. Applications of Resonance
12.6: Wave Motion  (Practice Test)
  1. Introductoin to Wave Motion
  2. Characteristics of Wave
  3. Problem 2-Characteristics of Wave
  4. Problem-Waves as Carriers of Energy
  5. Mechanical and Electromagnetic Waves
  6. Problem 1-Mechanical and Electromagnetic waves
  7. Introduction to Transverse and longitudnal waves
  8. Problem 1-Introduction to Transverse and Longitudinal waves
12.7: Characteristics of a Wave
  1. Basic terms in SHM
  2. Derivation of Wave Equation
  3. Problem 1-Derivation of Wave Equation
12.8: Behavior of Waves  (Practice Test)
  1. Reflection of Light
  2. Problem 1-Introduction to Reflection
  3. Refraction of Light
  4. Problem 1-Introduction to Refraction
  5. Introduction to Diffraction
  6. Introduction to Interference
  7. Stationary Waves
  8. Problem 1-Stationary waves
12.9: How Sound is Produced  (Practice Test)
  1. How Sound is Produced and Travel
  2. More on How Sound is Produced and Travel
  3. Problem 1-More on How Sound is Produced and Travel
12.10: Propagation of Sound Waves
  1. Nature and Propagation of Sound
  2. The Mechanical Nature of Sound
  3. Problem 1-The Mechanical Nature of Sound
12.11: Audible Frequency Range
  1. Audible Frequency Range
  2. Problem 1-Audibility
  3. Problem 1-Audible Frequency Range
  4. Problem 2-Audible Frequency Range
12.12: Velocity of Sound
  1. Measuring Speed of Sound
  2. Problem 1-Measuring The Speed of Sound
  3. Problem 2-Measuring The Speed of Sound
12.13: Characteristics of Sound  (Practice Test)
  1. Loudness of Sound
  2. Quality of Sound
  3. Pitch of Sound
  4. Problem 1- Pitch of Sound
  5. Sound Intensity and Sound Level
  6. Problem 1- Sound Intensity and Sound Level
  7. More on Sound Intensity and Sound Level
  8. How Amplitude is Related With Loudness1
  9. How Frequency is Related with Pitch1
  10. Reflection of Sound (Echoes)
12.14: Reflection of Sound  (Practice Test)
  1. Reflection of Sound (Echoes)
  2. Problem1-Reflection of Sound (Echoes)
  3. Problem2-Reflection of Sound (Echoes)
  4. Problem 1-Measuring Speed of Sound by Echo Method
  5. Uses of Echoes
12.15: Interference of Sound  (Practice Test)
  1. Interference of sound Waves
  2. Resonance in Sound Waves
  3. Introducing Beats
  4. Ultrasounds and its Applications
  5. Problem 1-Ultrasound and Its Applications
  6. Problem 2-Ultrasound and its Applications