Nuclear Physics

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Chapter 9: Nuclear Physics (44 videos)   (Practice Test)
9.1: Introduction
  1. Introduction to Atom
  2. Problem-Atom and Atomic Nucleus
9.2: The Nucleus
  1. The Nucleus
  2. Atom and Atomic Nucleus
  3. Problem-Atom and Atomic Nucleus
9.3: Natural Radioactivity
  1. Natural Radioactivity
9.4: Alpha,Beta and Gamma Rays
  1. Nature and Properties of Radiations
9.5: Half Life of an Element
  1. Half Life and its Measurements
  2. Problem 1-Half Life and its Measurements
  3. Problem 2-Half Life and its Measurements
  4. Problem 3-Half Life and its Measurements
9.6: Radioactive Isotopes
  1. Radio Isotopes
9.7: Einstein Mass-Energy Relation
  1. Mass Energy Equation
  2. Problem-Einsteins Mass Energy Equation
9.8: Nuclear Fission  (Practice Test)
  1. Fission Reaction
  2. More on Fission Reaction
  3. Problem-Fission Reaction
  4. Nuclear Reactors
9.9: Nuclear Fusion
  1. Nuclear Fusion Reaction
  2. Problem-Comparison between Fission and Fusion Reaction
9.10: The Atomic Bomb
  1. The Atomic Bomb
9.11: The Hydrogen Bomb
  1. The Hydrogen Bomb
9.11: Electric Circuit and Combination of Resistances  (Practice Test)
  1. Series combination of Resistors
  2. Problem 1-Series Combination of Resistors
  3. Problem-Current in Series Circuit
  4. Problem 2-Series Combination of Resistors
  5. Parallel Combination to Resistors
  6. More on Parallel Combination to Resistors
  7. Problem 1-Parallel combination to Resistors
  8. Problem 2-Parallel combination to Resistors
  9. Problem 3-Parallel combination to Resistors
  10. Problem 4-Parallel combination to Resistors
9.12: The Uses of Radio-Isotopes
  1. Uses of Radio Isotopes
9.12: Direct Cirrent and Alternating Current
  1. Direct Current
  2. Alternating Current
9.13: Radiation Hazards  (Practice Test)
  1. Hazards of Radiations and Safety Measures
  2. Ohms Law
  3. Characteristics of Ohmic and Non Ohmic Conductors
  4. Problem-Characteristics of Ohmic and Non Ohmic Conductors
9.13: Elcetric Energy and Joule's Law
  1. Electrical Energy and Joules law
  2. Problem 1-Electrical Energy and Joules law
  3. Problem 2-Electrical Energy and Joules law
9.14: House Circuits
  1. House Wiring
  2. Introduction to Earth Wire