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Chapter 4: Differentiability (49 videos)   (Practice Test)
4.1: Derivative of a Function at a Point  (Practice Test)
  1. Derivative of a Function
  2. More on Derivative of a Function
  3. Notation for Derivative
  4. Derivative by First Principle
  5. More on Derivative by First Principle
  6. Problem1-Derivative by First Principle
  7. Problem2-Derivative by First Principle
  8. Derivative of a Constant Function
  9. Power Rule for Differentiation
  10. More on Power Rule for Differentiation
  11. Problem-Power Rule for Differentiation
  12. Problem1-Power Rule for Differentiation
  13. Derivative of a sum or Difference of Functions
  14. Problem1-Derivative of a sum or Difference of Functions
  15. Derivative of Product
  16. Problem1-Derivative of Product
  17. Derivative of a Quotient
  18. More on Derivative of a Quotient
  19. Derivative of Trigonometric Functions
  20. More on Derivative of Trigonometric Functions
  21. More Stuff on Derivative of Trigonometric Functions
  22. Problem1-Derivative of Trigonometric Functions
  23. Problem2-Derivative of Trigonometric Functions
  24. Problem3-Derivative of Trigonometric Functions
4.2: Composite Function  (Practice Test)
  1. Differentiation by Chain Rule
  2. More on Differentiation by Chain Rule
  3. Problem1-Differentiation by Chain Rule
  4. Problem2-Differentiation by Chain Rule
  5. Derivative of Inverse Trigonometric Functions
  6. More on Derivative of Inverse Trigonometric Functions
  7. Problem1-Derivative of Inverse Trigonometric Functions
  8. Problem2-Derivative of Inverse Trigonometric Functions
  9. Problem3-Derivative of Inverse Trigonometric Functions
  10. Derivative of Exponential Functions
  11. Problem1-Derivative of Exponential Functions
  12. Derivative of Logarithmic Functions
  13. Problem1-Derivative of Logarithmic Functions
  14. Problem Solving-Logarithmic Functions
4.3: Implicit Function
  1. Implicit Differentiations
  2. Problem-Implicit Differentiations
  3. Problem-Implicit Differentiations
4.4: Parametric Function
  1. Derivative of Parametric Equations
  2. Problem1-Derivative of Parametric Equations
4.5: Higher Derivatives  (Practice Test)
  1. Introducing Higher Order Differentiation
  2. Problem1-Introducing Higher Order Differentiation
  3. Problem2-Introducing Higher Order Differentiation
  4. Problem3-Introducing Higher Order Differentiation
  5. Problem4-Introducing Higher Order Differentiation