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Chapter 1: Introduction and Role of Science (13 videos)   (Practice Test)
1.1: Brief History of Achievements of Science
  1. Introduction to Science
1.2: Contribution of Muslims and Pakistani Scientists in The Development of Science  (Practice Test)
  1. Muslim Scientist(Kidney)
  2. Muslim Scientist (Eye)
  3. Contribution to Science By Muslim Scientists
  4. Contribution to Science By Pakistani Scientists
1.3: What is Science?  (Practice Test)
  1. Introduction to Science
  2. Introduction to Biology
  3. Introduction to Physics
  4. Chemistry
  5. More Branches of Science
  6. Zoology,Botany, Microbiology
1.4: Role of Science and Technology and Its Impact On Improving The Quality of Life
  1. Importance of Physics in our Daily Life
1.5: Limitations of Science
  1. Limitations of Science