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Chapter 6: Sound (13 videos)   (Practice Test)
6.1: How Sound is Produced
  1. Sound
  2. How is Sound Produced?
6.2: How Does Sound Travel?
  1. How does sound produced?
6.3: How Does Sound Travel in All Directions
  1. How does sound travel?
6.4: Sound Waves Travel Through Solids
  1. Speed of Sound in Different Materials
6.5: Sound Waves Travel Through Liquids
  1. Speed of sound in Solid, Liquid And Gases
6.6: Sound Waves can not Travel Through Vacuum
  1. Sound cannot Travel Through Vacuum
6.7: Characteristics of Sound  (Practice Test)
  1. Loudness of Sound
  2. Wavelength And Amplitude of Sound Waves
  3. Pitch of Sound
6.8: Sound Pollution
  1. Noise Pollution
6.9: The Ear As a Reciever
  1. The Structure of Ear
6.10: Reflection of Sound
  1. Reflection of Sound (Echoes)
6.11: Echo as Reflection of Sound
  1. Measuring speed of Sound by Echoe Method