Properties of Light

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Chapter 10: Properties of Light (19 videos)   (Practice Test)
10.1: Transmission, Absorbtion and Reflection of light  (Practice Test)
  1. light
  2. Transmission of light
  3. Absorption of Light
  4. Reflection of light
10.2: Law of Reflection
  1. Law of Reflection
10.3: Types of Reflecting surfaces  (Practice Test)
  1. Types of Reflection
  2. Types of Reflecting Surfaces
10.4: Applications of Regular and Diffused Reflection
  1. Application of Reflecting Surfaces in Every Day Life
10.5: Images Formed By a Plane Mirror
  1. Images Formed By a plane Mirror
10.6: Comparison of Image Formed By Plane Mirror and Pinhole Camera  (Practice Test)
  1. Image Formation by Pin Hole Camera
  2. Comparision of Images Formed By a Plane Mirror And Pin Hole Camera
  3. Pin Hole Camera
10.7: Reflecting Surfaces and their Uses  (Practice Test)
  1. Microscope
  2. Parioscope
10.8: Kaleidoscope
  1. Kalaidioscope
10.9: Concave and Convex Mirrors  (Practice Test)
  1. Image formation in convex mirrors
  2. Image formation in Concave mirrors
  3. Usage of Concave Mirror
  4. Usage of Convex Mirror