Patriotism (Pakistan day)

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Chapter 6: Patriotism (Pakistan day) (12 videos)
6.1: Pakistan Freedom Day (reading /explanation/activities)
  1. Pakistan Freedom Day (reading /explanation/activities)
  2. More on Pakistan Freedom Day
  3. More on Pakistan Freedom Day
6.2: Initial fl and gr Sounds (words starting with cr, dr, gr fr, tr, pl, fl)
  1. Initial Blends (words starting with cr, dr, gr)
  2. Initial Blends (words starting with fr, tr, pl, fl)
6.3: Uncle and Aunt's Visist-Passage (reading /explanation/activities)
  1. Uncle and Aunt's Visist-Passage (reading /explanation/activities)
6.4: Pronouns/Possessive Pronouns (I/my,his/her, they/their etc.)
  1. Pronouns (his/her-fill in blanks)
  2. Possessive Pronouns (his, her etc)(guess/write)
  3. Match Pronoun with Possessive Pronoun (match columns)
6.5: Punctuation (full stop, comma etc)(explanation/activities)
  1. Punctuate the Sentences Correctly (Writing activities)
  2. More on Punctuate the Sentences Correctly
6.6: In a Shoe-Poem (reading /explanation/activities)
  1. In a Shoe-Poem (reading /explanation/activities)