Introduction to Microsoft Excel

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Chapter 3: Introduction to Microsoft Excel (12 videos)   (Practice Test)
3.1: Starting Microsoft Excel
  1. Excel window
  2. Microsoft Excel terminology
3.2: Creating Worksheet
  1. Creating workbook, naming and working with cells and sheets
3.3: Entering text and values in Worksheet
  1. Filling columns and rows
3.4: Switching between Worksheets
  1. Addressing cells
3.5: Inserting Rows and Columns
  1. Working on Sample Spreadsheets
3.6: Selecting Ranges
  1. Named Ranges in MS Excel
3.7: Formatting text
  1. Text formatting in MS Excel
3.8: Entering a formula Manually
  1. Working with formulas
  2. Working with functions
  3. More on working with fuctions
3.9: Creating a chart with one mouse click
  1. Representing data graphically