Introduction to Microsoft Windows

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Chapter 1: Introduction to Microsoft Windows (17 videos)   (Practice Test)
1.1: Exploring the start menu
  1. Auto Start Programs on Startup of Windows
1.2: Opening a Program using RUN Command
  1. Run Command in Windows 10
1.3: Searching for files and folders
  1. Find Your File
1.4: Changing Desktop theme
  1. The Desktop
1.5: Putting a shortcut on Desktop
  1. Familiarization with Windows icons
1.6: Setting Taskbar Properties
  1. Taskbar and Start Button
1.7: Adjusting Mouse Operations
  1. How a Mouse is Used
1.8: Opening and Closing a Window
  1. Menu Bar
1.9: Creating a New Document in Word Pad
  1. Working with Word Pad
1.10: Starting Paint Program  (Practice Test)
  1. Working with Paint 3D
  2. 3D Models in 3D Library
  3. Working with Microsoft Paint 2D
  4. More on working with Microsoft Paint 2D
1.11: Opening My Computer
  1. Familiarization with Windows icons
1.12: Restoring Deleted files and folders
  1. System Restore in Windows
1.13: Starting the add printer wizard
  1. printing the document
1.14: Logging off
  1. Shut down Process