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Chapter 10: Electrochemistry (43 videos)   (Practice Test)
10.1: Oxidation State and Balancing of Redox Equations  (Practice Test)
  1. Introduction to Electrochemistry
  2. Oxidation State and Rules for Assigning Oxidation State
  3. Oxidation State
  4. More on Oxidation State
  5. Finding out the Oxidation Numbers
  6. Identifying Substances Which are Oxidized or Reduced
  7. Identifying Oxidizing and Reducing Agents from the Reactions
  8. Balancing of Redox Equations by Oxidation Number Method
  9. More on Balancing of Redox Equations by Oxidation Number Method
  10. Balancing of Redox Equations by Ion-Electron Method
  11. Balancing of Redox Equations in Acidic Medium by Ion-Electron Method
  12. Balancing of Redox Equations in Basic Medium by Ion-Electron Method
10.2: Electrolytic Conduction  (Practice Test)
  1. Introduction to Electrolysis
  2. Explaining Electrolysis
  3. Electrolytic Cells
  4. Construction of an Electrolytic Cell
  5. Working of Electrolytic cell
  6. Products of Electrolysis
  7. Electrolysis of Fused Salts
  8. Electrolysis of Aqueous Solution of Salts
  9. Industrial Applications of Electrolysis
  10. Uses of Electrolysis
  11. Galvanic Cell and its construction
  12. Working of the Cell
  13. Voltaic Cell is Reversible Cell
10.3: Electrode Potential  (Practice Test)
  1. Electrode Potential
  2. Standard Hydrogen Electrode
  3. Measurement of Electrode Potential
10.4: The Electrochemical Series  (Practice Test)
  1. Electrochemical Series
  2. Prediction of Feasibility of a Chemical Reaction
  3. Calculation of the Voltage or emf of Cells
  4. Metals and Non-metals as Reducing and Oxidising Agents
  5. Relative Chemical Reactivity of Metals
  6. Reaction of Metals with Dilute Acids
  7. Displacement of One Metal by Another from its Solution
10.5: Modern Batteries and Fuel Cells  (Practice Test)
  1. Lead-Storage Battery
  2. Discharging of Lead Battery
  3. Charging of Lead Battery
  4. Alkaline Battery
  5. Silver Oxide Battery
  6. Nickel Cadmium Cell
  7. Fuel Cells
  8. More on Fuel Cells