Optical Instruments

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Chapter 10: Optical Instruments (38 videos)   (Practice Test)
10.1: Lenses
  1. Types of Lenses
10.2: Image Formation  (Practice Test)
  1. Image Formed by Convex Lens
  2. Image Formation by Concave Lens
10.3: The Thin Lens Formula  (Practice Test)
  1. Convex Lense Formula
  2. More on Convex Lense Formula
  3. Concave Lense Formula
  4. Combination of Thin Lenses
  5. Power of a Lens
  6. Defects of Lenses
  7. Correction of Defects
  8. Linear Magnification of Lenses
10.4: Least Distance of Distinct Vision
  1. Least Distance of Distint Vision
10.5: Magnifying Power and Resolving power of Optical Instruments  (Practice Test)
  1. Magnifying power and Resolving power of Optical Instruments
  2. More on Magnifying power and Resolving power of Optical Instruments
10.6: Simle Microscope  (Practice Test)
  1. Simple Microscope
  2. Problem on Simple Microscope
10.7: Compound Microscope  (Practice Test)
  1. Compound Microscope
  2. More on Compound Microscope
  3. Problem on Compound Microscope
  4. More on Problem on Compound Microscope
10.8: Astronomical Telescope  (Practice Test)
  1. Astronomical Telescope
  2. Galilean Telescope
  3. Terrestrial Telescope
  4. Reflecting Telescope
  5. Problem on Astronomical Telescope
10.9: Spectrometer
  1. Spectrometer
10.10: The Eye
  1. Human Eye
10.11: Speed of light
  1. Speed of light
10.12: Introduction to Fibre Optics
  1. Introduction to Fibre Optics
10.13: Fibre Optic Principles
  1. Optical Fiber
  2. Continuous Refraction
10.14: Types of Optical Fibres  (Practice Test)
  1. Types of Optical Fibres
  2. Single Mode Step Index Fibre
  3. Multimode Step Index Fibre
  4. Multimode Graded Index Fibre
  5. Problem on Optical Fibres
10.15: Signal Transmission and Conversion to Sound
  1. Signal Transmission and Conversion to sound
10.16: Losses of Power
  1. Losses of power