Cost Management Techniques

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Chapter 13: Cost Management Techniques (43 videos)
13.1: Activity-based costing
  1. What is Activity base costing? Its wider Uses and Benefits
  2. Steps in Activity-Based Costing system
  3. Problem 01: Activity Cost Base
  4. Activity Analysis
13.2: Traditional costing system
  1. Traditional Costing System and its Accounting Treatment
  2. Problem 02: Traditional Costing System
  3. Difference between Activity based costing & Traditional costing
  4. Problem 03: Activity based & Traditional costing
13.3: Activity Base Management
  1. What is Activity Base Management? Implementation and Issues Involved
13.4: Key Activities in Activity Based Management
  1. Direct Product Profitability (DPP)
  2. Problem 04: Direct Product Profitability
  3. Customer Profitability Analysis (CPA)
  4. Problem 05: Customer Profitability Analysis
  5. More on Problem 05: Customer Profitability Analysis
13.5: Techniques That linked to ABM and ABC
  1. Distribution Channel Profitability (DCP)
  2. Problem 06: Distribution Channel Profitability
  3. more on problem Distribution channel profitability
  4. Activity Based Profitability Analysis
  5. Pareto Analysis
  6. Problem 08: Pareto Analysis
13.6: Lean Manufacturing
  1. What is Lean Manufacturing? How it is Useful
13.7: Target Costing
  1. Target Costing and its Use
  2. Implementation and most useful situations to use target costing-Accou
  3. More on Implementation and most useful situations to use target costi
  4. Problem 09: Target Costing
13.8: Total Quality Management (TQM)
  1. Total Quality Management, its Key Elements and how it manages Quality?
  2. Cost of Quality Report
  3. Problem 11: Cost of Quality Report
  4. More on problem cost of quality report
13.9: Kaizen costing
  1. What is Kaisen costing? And how Kaizen met its goals
13.10: Just In Time (JIT)
  1. Introduction and Accounting Treatment
  2. Problem 12: Just in time
13.11: Theory of Constraints
  1. Theory of constraints and its key Measures
  2. Throughput accounting? And its Calculations
  3. Problem 13: Throughput accounting
13.12: Backflush Accounting
  1. Backflush Accounting, its use and Calculations
  2. Problem 14: Backflush Accounting
13.13: Six Sigma
  1. more on problem Backflush Accounting
  2. Introduction to six sigma
13.14: Other Techniques to enhance Long Term Profits
  1. Value and functional Analysis
  2. Value Chain and Supply Chain Management
  3. Continuous Improvement
  4. Business Process Re-engineering