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Chapter 5: Probability (64 videos)   (Practice Test)
5.1: Set Theory
  1. Sets
  2. Types of Set
  3. Subsets
  4. Basic Operations of Sets
  5. Venn Diagram
5.2: Algebra of Sets
  1. Commutative Law of Sets
  2. Associative Laws
  3. Idempotent Laws of Sets
  4. Identity Laws of Sets
  5. Commplementation Law
  6. Law of Double Complementation
  7. Law of Empty Set and Universal Set
  8. Distributive Laws
5.3: Counting Techniques  (Practice Test)
  1. A Basic Counting Procedure
  2. Introducing Factorials
  3. Problem- Introducing Factorials
  4. Introducing Permutations
  5. Problem- Introducing Permutations (Distinct Objects)
  6. Permutations When the Objects are Not Distinct
  7. Introduction to Combinations
  8. Problem1-Introducing Combinations
5.4: Basic Probability  (Practice Test)
  1. Introducing Probability
  2. Random Experiment
  3. Sample Space
  4. Basic Terminologies used in Probability
  5. Types of Events
  6. Probability for Multiple Event
  7. Problem - Probability for Multiple Event
  8. Mutually Vs Non-Mutually Exclusive Events
  9. Problem - Mutually Vs Non-Mutually Exclusive Events
  10. Equally Likely Vs Exhaustive Events
  11. Conditional Probability
  12. Properties of Probabilities
5.5: Addition Law for Probability  (Practice Test)
  1. Addition Law of Probability
  2. More on Applications of Addition of Probabilities
  3. Addition Laws of Probability
  4. Problem-Addition Laws of Probability
  5. Addition of Probabilities of Overlapping Events by Venn Diagram
  6. Problem-Addition of Probabilities of Overlapping Eventsby Venn Diagram
  7. Addition of Probabilities of Disjoint Events by Venn Diagram
  8. Addition of Probabilities of Subset Events
5.6: Multiplication Law for Probability  (Practice Test)
  1. Multiplication Law of Probability
  2. Application of Multiplication Laws of Probabalities
  3. More on Application of Multiplication Laws of Probabalities
  4. Multiplication of Probabilities of Dependent Events
  5. Problem- Multiplication of Proababilities of Dependent Events
  6. Multiplication of Proababilities of Independent Events
  7. Problem-Multiplication of Proababilities of Independent Events
  8. Intuition Behind Multiplication of Probabilities
  9. Problem-Intuition Behind Multiplication of Probabilities
  10. Problem - Probability of Repeated Independent Events
5.7: Conditional Probability  (Practice Test)
  1. Conditional Probability
  2. Application of Conditional Probability
  3. Conditional Probability By Sample and Reduced Sample Space Approach
  4. Prob-Conditional Probability By Sample and Reduced Sample Space Appro
  5. Dependent Vs Independent Events
  6. Independence of Two Events
  7. Problem - Independence of Two Events
  8. Independence of Several Events
  9. Independence and Conditional Probability
5.8: Bayes Theorem  (Practice Test)
  1. Bayes Theorem
  2. Problem - Bayes Theorem
  3. Bayes Theorem and the Law of Total Probability for Random Variables
  4. Prior and Posterior Probabilities