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Chapter 5: Calculus (109 videos)   (Practice Test)
5.1: Informal ideas of limit and convergence.
  1. Meaning of the Phrase 'x' Approaches zero, Infinity
  2. Problem-Meaning of the Phrase 'x' Approaches zero, Infinity
5.2: Limit notation.
  1. Concept of a Limit of a Function
  2. Problem-Concept of Limit of a Function
5.3: Definition of derivative from first principles  (Practice Test)
  1. Derivative by First Principle
  2. More on Derivative by First Principle
  3. Problem1-Derivative by First Principle
  4. Problem2-Derivative by First Principle
5.4: Derivative as gradient function and as rate of change.  (Practice Test)
  1. Average Rate of Change
  2. Derivative of a Function
  3. More on Derivative of a Function
  4. Notation for Derivative
  5. Geometrical Interpretation of a Derivative
  6. More on Geometrical Interpretation of Derivative
5.5: Derivative of x^n  (Practice Test)
  1. Power Rule for Differentiation
  2. More on Power Rule for Differentiation
  3. Problem-Power Rule for Differentiation
  4. Problem1-Power Rule for Differentiation
  5. Derivative of Trigonometric Functions
  6. More on Derivative of Trigonometric Functions
  7. More Stuff on Derivative of Trigonometric Functions
  8. Problem1-Derivative of Trigonometric Functions
  9. Problem2-Derivative of Trigonometric Functions
  10. Problem3-Derivative of Trigonometric Functions
  11. Derivative of Exponential Functions
  12. Problem1-Derivative of Exponential Functions
  13. Derivative of Logarithmic Functions
  14. Problem1-Derivative of Logarithmic Functions
  15. Problem2-Derivative of Logarithmic Functions
  16. Problem3-Derivative of Logarithmic Functions
  17. Problem Solving-Logarithmic Functions
  18. Derivative of a sum or Difference of Functions
  19. Problem1-Derivative of a sum or Difference of Functions
5.6: The chain rule for composite functions.  (Practice Test)
  1. Differentiation by Chain Rule
  2. More on Differentiation by Chain Rule
  3. Problem1-Differentiation by Chain Rule
  4. Problem2-Differentiation by Chain Rule
  5. Problem2b-Differentiation by Chain Rule
5.7: The product and quotient rules.  (Practice Test)
  1. Derivative of Product
  2. Problem1-Derivative of Product
  3. Derivative of a Quotient
  4. More on Derivative of a Quotient
  5. Problem1a-Derivative of Quotient
5.8: Extension to higher derivatives.  (Practice Test)
  1. Introducing Higher Order Differentiation
  2. Problem1-Introducing Higher Order Differentiation
  3. Problem2-Introducing Higher Order Differentiation
  4. Problem3-Introducing Higher Order Differentiation
  5. Problem4-Introducing Higher Order Differentiation
  6. Problem5-Introducing Higher Order Differentiation
5.9: Local maximum and minimum points  (Practice Test)
  1. Increasing and Decreasing Functions
  2. More on Increasing and Decreasing Functions
  3. Problem1-Increasing and Decreasing Functions
  4. Introducing Relative Extrema
  5. Problem1-Introducing Relative Extrema
  6. Relative Maxima and Minima
  7. Problem2-Relative Maxima and Minima
5.10: Testing for maximum or minimum.  (Practice Test)
  1. Second Derivative Test and Concavity
  2. More on Second Derivative Test and Concavity
  3. Problem Solving-Second Derivative Test and Concavity
  4. Problem1a-Second Derivative and Its Applications
  5. Problem1b-Second Derivative and Its Applications
  6. Problem2a-Second Derivative and Its Applications
  7. Problem2b-Second Derivative and Its Applications
  8. Problem3a-Second Derivative and Its Applications
  9. Problem3b-Second Derivative and Its Applications
  10. Point of Inflexion
5.11: Applications  (Practice Test)
  1. Differential-Application to Economics
  2. Differential-Application to Kinematics
  3. Differential-Maxima and Minima Problems
  4. More on Point on the Curve Closest to Given Point
5.12: Indefinite integration  (Practice Test)
  1. Antidifferentiation and Indefinite Integral
  2. Differentials of Variables
  3. Integral Language and Notation
  4. Difference between Delta y and dy
  5. Problem1-Difference between Delta y and dy
5.13: Indefinite integral of x^n  (Practice Test)
  1. To Integrate x Raise to Power n
  2. Problem1-To Integrate x Raise to Power n
  3. Theorems on Anti-derivative
5.14: Integration by substitution  (Practice Test)
  1. Integration by Substitution
  2. Some Useful Substitutions in Integration
  3. More on Some Useful Substitions in Integration
  4. Some More Useful Substitions in Integration
  5. Problem-Integration by Useful Substitution
  6. Problem2-Some More Useful Substitions in Integration
  7. Prolem3-Some More Useful Substitions in Integration
  8. Prolem4-Some More Useful Substitions in Integration
  9. Prolem5-Some More Useful Substitions in Integration
  10. Integration by Completing Square
  11. Integration by Completing Square
5.15: Boundary Value Problem
  1. The Definite Integral
  2. Problem1-The Definite Integral
  3. Problem2-The Definite Integral
  4. Problem2a-The Definite Integral
5.16: Areas under curves  (Practice Test)
  1. Area Under the Curve
  2. Problem1-Area Under the Curve
  3. Problem2-Area Under the Curve
  4. More on Area Under the Curve
  5. Negative Area by Definite Integral
  6. Symmetrical Area by Integration
  7. Area Bounded by Two Curves by Integration
  8. To Deal with Negative and Positive Areas in Integation
  9. Area Bounded by Two Curves Above and Below x-axis
5.17: Areas between curves  (Practice Test)
  1. Application of Definite Integral
  2. More on Application of Definite Integral
  3. Problem1-Application of Definite Integral
  4. Problem2-Application of Definite Integral
  5. Problem2a-Application of Definite Integral
  6. Problem3-Application of Definite Integral
  7. Problem3a-Application of Definite Integral