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Chapter 1: Number (33 videos)   (Practice Test)
1.1: Place Value
  1. Smallest 4 digit and largest 3 digit numbers
  2. Identify even and odd numbers up to two digits
  3. Place value of a 3 digit number
  4. Round whole numbers to nearest 10 or 100
  5. Round whole numbers to nearest 10 or 100 on number line
  6. Identify arithmetic patterns in addition of even and odd numbers
1.2: Addition and Subtraction
  1. How much more a number from another number
  2. Mentally add numbers within 100
  3. Fluently add numbers within 100 using place value
  4. Fluently add numbers within 100 using properties of operations
  5. Fluently add numbers within 100 using relation of addition and subtra
  6. Addition of numbers by converting into known sums
  7. Addition by making ten
  8. Add a 2-digit number and a multiple of 10 within 100
  9. Add a 2-digit number and a 2-digit number within 100
  10. Addition of 3 numbers
  11. Subtraction of numbers using place value
  12. Subtraction of a 2-digit number from a 2-digit number
  13. Solve real life problems involving subtraction
  14. Addition and subtraction mixed word problems
1.3: Multiplication and Division  (Practice Test)
  1. Skip counting by 10 on number line
  2. Multiply numbers by 10, 100 and 1000
  3. Multiply numbers using tables
  4. Multiplication word problems
  5. Solve division word problems
  6. Find missing number in multiplication equation
  7. Word problems on division involving equal groups
  8. Division of whole numbers using objects
  9. Use tables of multiplication to divide numbers
1.4: Fractions and Decimals  (Practice Test)
  1. Recognize unit fraction
  2. Equivalent fractions using number line
  3. Equivalent fractions
  4. Generate equivalent fractions and reason of equivalence using fractio