Measurement and Data

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Chapter 7: Measurement and Data (28 videos)
7.1: Conversion of units of length
  1. Conversion of meter to centimeter
  2. Conversion from kilometer to meter
  3. Conversion of centimeter to millimeter
  4. Conversion of feet to inches
7.2: Mass
  1. Solve word problem of masses of objects using four operations
7.3: Conversion of units of mass
  1. Conversion of kilogram to gram and vice versa
  2. Conversion of pounds to ounces
  3. Solve word problem of distance using four operations
7.4: Conversion of volume
  1. Conversion of liter to milliliter and vice versa
  2. Solve word problem of liquid volumes using four operations
7.5: Time
  1. Tell and write time to nearest 5 minute
  2. Use A.M and P.M to tell time to nearest 5 minutes
  3. Elapsed time in minutes and hours
7.6: Addition of time
  1. Addition of time intervals
7.7: Subtraction of time
  1. Subtraction of time intervals
7.8: Conversion of time
  1. Conversion of minutes to seconds and hours. to minutes
  2. Solve word problem of intervals of time using four operations
7.9: Calendar
  1. Convert years to months
  2. Convert weeks to days
7.10: Addition and subtraction of money
  1. Solve word problem of money using four operations
7.11: Bar graph
  1. Read and interpret simple vertical bar graph
  2. Read and interpret simple horizontal bar graph
7.12: Line plot
  1. Use line plots to solve addition problems of fractions
7.13: Line graph
  1. Read and interpret simple line graph
  2. Use line graph to solve real life problems
7.14: Pie chart and Carroll diagram
  1. Read and interpret simple pie chart
  2. Use pie chart to solve real life problems
  3. Graph of given table