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Chapter 4: Geometry (42 videos)   (Practice Test)
4.1: Similarity and Scale Drawings  (Practice Test)
  1. Similarity and Scale Drawings
  2. Test for Similarity between two triangles
  3. Constructing Similar Triangles
4.2: Drawing geometric shapes  (Practice Test)
  1. The Protractor and Angle Measure
  2. Geometrical Constructions
  3. Use of Compass
  4. Drawing Geometrical Shapes in Cartesian Plane
4.3: Construction of triangles  (Practice Test)
  1. Constructing Triangle with Three Sides
  2. Construction of a Triangle when one angle and two sides
  3. Constructing Triangle with Side & Two Angles
4.4: Area and circumference of circle  (Practice Test)
  1. Area of a Circular Region
  2. Area of a Circle
  3. Finding the Circumference of a Circle Using Formula
  4. Word Problem Involving Circumference-Area of a Circle
4.5: Finding unknown angle  (Practice Test)
  1. Find unknown angle
  2. Finding Unknown Angles Involving Adjacent Angles
  3. Finding Unknown Angles Involving complementary Angles
  4. Finding Unknown Angles Involving Supplementary Angles
  5. Finding Unknown Angles Involving Vertically Opposite Angles
  6. Finding Unknown Angle of a Triangle
4.6: Area od 2D shapes  (Practice Test)
  1. Measuring area
  2. Solve word problems to find area of rectangles
  3. Solve real world problems on area as additive
  4. Word problems using area formula for rectangles
  5. Area of a Parallelogram
  6. Area of Square
  7. Area of a Trapezium
4.7: Volume  (Practice Test)
  1. Concept of Volume
  2. Volume of Prism
  3. Volume of Cube
  4. Volume of Cuboid
  5. Volume of a Cylinder
  6. Pyramids
  7. Volume of Pyramids
  8. Volume of Cones
  9. Volume of Sphere
4.8: Surface area  (Practice Test)
  1. Area of Cuboid
  2. Surface Area of a Prism
  3. Surface Area of a Cylinder
  4. Total Surface Area of Pyramid
  5. Surface Area of Cones
  6. Surface Area of Sphere