Measurement and Data

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Chapter 4: Measurement and Data (24 videos)   (Practice Test)
4.1: Conversion of units of length  (Practice Test)
  1. Conversion from kilometer to meter
  2. Conversion of centimeter to meter
  3. Conversion of meter to kilometer
  4. Conversion of millimeter to centimeter
  5. Conversion of inches to feet
4.2: Conversion of units of mass
  1. Solve word problem of distance using four operations
4.3: Volume  (Practice Test)
  1. Find volume of a solid figure using n cubic units
  2. Measure volume by counting unit cubes in liter
  3. Solve word problem involving volume
  4. Use formulas to find volume of right rectangular prisms
4.4: Addition of volume
  1. Decompose volume
4.5: Multiplication of volume
  1. Using unit cubes find the volume of a right rectangular prism and ver
4.6: Time
  1. Elapsed time in minutes and hours
4.7: Conversion of time  (Practice Test)
  1. Conversion of minutes to seconds and hours. to minutes
  2. Conversion of seconds to minutes
  3. Conversion of minutes to hours
4.8: Temperature  (Practice Test)
  1. Solve real life problems involving addition of units of temperature
  2. Solve real life problems involving subtraction of units of temperature
  3. Solve real life problems involving conversion of units of temperature
4.9: Bar graph  (Practice Test)
  1. Read and interpret simple horizontal bar graph
  2. Draw block graph
  3. Draw column graph
4.10: Line plot
  1. Use line plots to solve addition problems of fractions
4.11: Pie chart and Carroll diagram
  1. Graph real world problems in first quadrant
4.12: Data
  1. Concept of ordered pairs in coordinate system using axes