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Chapter 3: Reading: Foundational Skills » Kindergarten (158 videos)
3.1: Small Letters a to z
  1. Small a (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  2. Small b (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  3. Small c (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  4. Exercise-Small a to c
  5. Small d (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  6. Small e (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  7. Small f (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  8. Exercise-Small d to f
  9. Small g (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  10. Small h (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  11. Small I (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  12. Exercise-Small g to i
  13. Small j (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  14. Small k (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  15. Small l (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  16. Exercise-Small j to l
  17. Small m
  18. Small n
  19. Small o
  20. Exercise-Small m to o
  21. Small p (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  22. Small q (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  23. Small r (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  24. Exercise-Small p to r
  25. Small s (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  26. Small t (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  27. Small u (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  28. Exercise-Small s to u
  29. Small v
  30. Small w
  31. Small x
  32. Exercise-Small v to x
  33. Small y (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  34. Small z (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  35. Exercise-Small y to z
3.2: Capital and Small Letters together( Aa-Zz)
  1. Capital and Small A-a
  2. Capital and Small B-b (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  3. Capital and Small C-c (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  4. Exercise-Capital and Small Aa-Bb-Cc
  5. Capital and Small D-d (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  6. Capital and Small E-e (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  7. Capital and Small F-f (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  8. Capital and Small-Exercise-Dd-Ee-Ff
  9. Capital and Small G-g (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  10. Capital and Small H-h (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  11. Capital and Small I-i (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  12. Exercise-Capital and Small Gg-Hh-Ii
  13. Capital and Small J-j (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  14. Capital and Small K-k (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  15. Capital and Small L-l (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  16. Exercise-Capital and Small Jj-Kk-Ll
  17. Capital and Small M-m (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  18. Capital and Small N-n (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  19. Capital and Small O-o (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  20. Exercise-Capital and Small Mm-Nn-Oo
  21. Capital and Small P-p (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  22. Capital and Small Q-q (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  23. Capital and Small R-r (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  24. Exercise-Capital and Small Pp-Qq-Rr
  25. Capital and Small S-s (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  26. Capital and Small T-t (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  27. Capital and Small U-u (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  28. Exercise-Capital and Small Ss-Tt-Uu
  29. Capital and Small V-v (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  30. Capital and Small W-w (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  31. Capital and Small X-x (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  32. Exercise-Capital and Small Vv-Ww-Xx
  33. Capital and Small Y-y (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  34. Capital and Small Z-z (pictures/names/tracing/practice)
  35. Exercise-Capital and Small Yy-Zz
  36. More on Letters of the Alphabet Aa-Ff (pictures/names/practice)
  37. More on Letters of the Alphabet Gg-Ll (pictures/names/practice)
  38. More on Letters of the Alphabet Mm-Ss (pictures/names/practice)
  39. More on Letters of the Alphabet Tt-Zz (pictures/names/practice)
  40. More on Letters of the Alphabet Sindh-1 (pictures/names/practice)
  41. More on Letters of the Alphabet Sindh-2 (pictures/names/practice)
  42. More on Letters of the Alphabet Sindh-3 (pictures/names/practice)
  43. More on Letters of the Alphabet KP&B-Aa-Ii (pictures/names/practice)
  44. More on Letters of the Alphabet KP&B-Jj-Pp (pictures/names/practice)
  45. More on Letters of the Alphabet KP&B-Qq-Tt (pictures/names/practice)
  46. More on Letters of the Alphabet KP&B-Uu-Zz (pictures/names/practice)
3.3: Complete English Alphabet Aa-Zz
  1. Complete English Alphabet A to Z-Capital
  2. Complete English Alphabet a to z-Small
  3. Complete English Alphabet Song
  4. Exercise-Complete English Alphabet A to Z
  5. ABC Song
  6. Objects-Things Around Me (pictures with names)
  7. Things (pictures of objects with names)
3.4: Look at the Picture and Write Small or Capital Letters (Aa-Zz)
  1. Revision Exercise-Capital and Small Letters-A to G
  2. Revision Exercise-Capital and Small Letters-H to N
  3. Revision Exercise-Capital and Small Letters-O to U
  4. Revision Exercise-Capital and Small Letters-V to Z
3.5: Sounds of the Letters (Aa to Zz)
  1. Sounds of Letters Aa-Bb-Cc (pictures/names/practice)
  2. Exercise-Sounds of Letters Aa-Bb-Cc
  3. Sounds of Letters Dd-Ee-Ff (pictures/names/practice)
  4. Exercise-Sounds of Letters Dd-Ee-Ff
  5. Sounds of Letters Gg-Hh-Ii (pictures/names/practice)
  6. Exercise-Sounds of Letters Gg-Hh-Ii
  7. Sounds of Letters Jj-Kk-Ll (pictures/names/practice)
  8. Exercise-Sounds of Letters Jj-Kk-Ll
  9. Sounds of Letters Mm-Nn-Oo (pictures/names/practice)
  10. Exercise-Sounds of Letters Mm-Nn-Oo
  11. Sounds of Letters Pp-Qq-Rr (pictures/names/practice)
  12. Exercise-Sounds of Letters Pp-Qq-Rr
  13. Sounds of Letters Ss-Tt-Uu (pictures/names/practice)
  14. Exercise-Sounds of Letters Ss-Tt-Uu
  15. Sounds of Letters Vv-Ww-Xx (pictures/names/practice)
  16. Exercise-Sounds of Letters Vv-Ww-Xx
  17. Sounds of Letters yy-Zz (pictures/names/practice)
  18. Exercise-Sounds of Letters yy-Zz
3.6: Vowels (a-e-i-o-u/sounds)
  1. Vowels Introduction (letters a,e,i,o,u)
  2. Exercise Vowels Introduction
  3. Short and Long Vowel Sounds
  4. Exercise-Short and Long Vowel Sounds
  5. Exercise-Short and Long Vowels Combined
  6. Exercise-Vowel Sounds Mixed
  7. More on Exercise-Vowel Sounds Mixed
3.7: Two Letter Blends-at, ig, ut, en, ed, ub, um, un, op, ot etc.
  1. Two Letter Blends with Letter-a (a+t = at etc)
  2. Two Letter Blends with Letter-e (e+n = en etc)
  3. Two Letter Blends with Letter-i (i+g = ig etc)
  4. Two Letter Blends with Letter-o (o+t = ot etc)
  5. Two Letter Blends with Letter-u (u+n = un etc)
3.8: Listen, Say and Circle the Sight Words (I, am, at, have etc.)
  1. Sight Words-am, an, etc
  2. Sight Words-get, give, etc
  3. Sight Words-has, have, etc
  4. Sight Words-I, in, is, etc
  5. Sight Words-no, not, of, etc
  6. Sight Words-that, the, etc
3.9: Letter Blends with Sounds (three letter words. cat, big, hog, hug etc.)
  1. Three Letter Blends-cat, bat, etc
  2. Three Letter Blends-big, fin, etc
  3. Three Letter Blends-dog, hog, etc
  4. Three Letter Blends-bug, hug, etc
3.10: Three Letter Rhyming Words (ending with in/at/ut/ot/en/ar)
  1. 3 Letter Rhyming Words (ending with in)
  2. 3 Letter Rhyming Words (ending with at)
  3. 3 Letter Rhyming Words (ending with ut)
  4. 3 Letter Rhyming Words (ending with ot)
  5. 3 Letter Rhyming Words (ending with en)
  6. 3 Letter Rhyming Words (ending with ar)
3.11: Four Letter Rhyming Words (Ending with ake/ock/ook/ing)
  1. 4 Letter Rhyming Words (ending with ake)
  2. Exercise-4 Letter Rhyming Words (ending with ake)
  3. 4 Letter Rhyming Words (ending with ock)
  4. Exercise-4 Letter Rhyming Words (ending with ock)
  5. 4 Letter Rhyming Words (ending with ook)
  6. Exercise-4 Letter Rhyming Words (ending with ook)
  7. 4 Letter Rhyming Words (ending with ing)
  8. Exercise-4 Letter Rhyming Words (ending with ing)
3.12: Diagraphs/Common Blends ( words with ch/sh/ph/th sounds)
  1. Ch and ph sounds with Pictures
  2. ph and th sounds with Pictures
3.13: Diagraphs/Common Blends ( words ending with ch/sh/ph/th sounds)
  1. Ending ch sh th Sounds with Pictures
3.14: Initial Blends (two starting letters make one sound-cr/dr etc.)
  1. Initial Blends (words starting with cr, dr, gr)
  2. Initial Blends (words starting with fr, tr, pl, fl)
  3. Initial Blends-mixed (words starting with cr,dr,gr,fr,tr,pl,fl)
3.15: Final Blends (two ending letters make one sound-og/ag/ow)
  1. Final Blends-og, ag
  2. Final Blends-mixed og, ag, ow
3.16: One Syllable Words (words with one sound beat-corn, nest etc.)
  1. One Syllable Words (corn, nest etc)
3.17: Two Syllable Words (words with two sound beats-but/ter etc.)
  1. Two Syllable Words-but/ter, san/dal etc
  2. Two Syllable Words-can/dle, ti/ger etc