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Chapter 1: Reading: Literature» Kindergarten (26 videos)
1.1: A Short Story-Little Red Riding Hood (reading and explanation)
  1. Little Red Riding Hood-Part 1 (reading/explanation)
  2. Little Red Riding Hood-Part 2 (reading/explanation)
  3. Little Red Riding Hood-Part 3 (reading/explanation)
  4. Little Red Riding Hood-Part 4 (reading/explanation)
1.2: A Short Story-A Big Bully (reading and explanation)
  1. A Big Bully-A Short Story (reading/explanation)
1.3: A Short Story. The Ant and Cricket (reading, explanation and exercise)
  1. Story- The Ant and Cricket (reading/explanation)
  2. Exercise: The Ant and Cricket
1.4: Passage-Ahmed and his Friend (reading, explanation and exercise)
  1. Passage-Ahmed and his Friend (reading/explanation)
  2. Exercise: Ahmed and his Friend
  3. More on Exercise: Ahmed and his Friend
1.5: Picture Story. Banana skin (explanation of pictures)
  1. Picture Story-Banana skin (reading/explanation)
1.6: Picture Story. The Hare and the Tortoise (explanation of pictures)
  1. Story-The Hare and the Tortoise (reading/explanation)
1.7: Picture Story. Hina and the Hen (reading and explanation)
  1. Story-Hina and the Hen Picture (reading/explanation)
1.8: Picture Story. Jan and Jack (Reading and Explanation)
  1. Story-The Hare and the Tortoise (reading/explanation)
1.9: Nursery Rhymes
  1. Twinkle Twinkle-Rhyme
  2. Baby Baby-Rhyme
  3. Five Little Monkeys-Rhyme
  4. Early to bed-Rhyme
  5. One two buckle my shoe-Rhyme
  6. I am a Little Fishy-Rhyme
  7. Go to bed-Rhyme
  8. Two Little Eyes-Rhyme-Rhyme
  9. More on Two Little Eyes-Rhyme
  10. Exercise-Two Little Eyes-Rhyme
  11. A Fish-Rhyme
  12. Up and Down-Rhyme
  13. Rhyme-Traffic Lights